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‘Use this sparingly’: Customer shares Chipotle hack to avoid stingy servings

‘I used to work at Chipotle this 100% works.’


Melody Heald


One TikTok creator recently went viral on the platform for sharing a hack to solve customers’ concerns with skimpy portions on their Chipotle orders.

Several customers have shared hacks for the fast-casual Mexican chain, including an infamous $3 burrito hack that led to an alleged price increase. However, stitching a complaint from user @eli_da_way about how frugal Chipotle employees can be with the meat and topping, user Jakefinn (@jakefinnlifts) offers advice on how to receive more food from the chain.

@jakefinnlifts #stitch with @eli_da_way #chipotlehacks #injakefinnwetrust ♬ original sound – Jakefinn

In the video, Jakefinn states that he clocks out at 9:30 pm, while his local Chipotle, which is twenty minutes away, closes at 10 pm. He explains that ordering right before they close usually keeps the workers from being particularly stingy with the servings.

In his experience in the restaurant industry, the TikToker claims that the less waste a company has at the end of each day, “the more bonuses that managers and workers sometimes get.” So, instead of tossing away the extras at the end of the night, Jakefinn says the workers will instead “load you up” with food to prevent these losses.

However, he emphasizes that viewers should use his trick “sparingly”

The video racked up over 197,000 views as of Wednesday, with former and current Chipotle workers agreeing with the TikToker about the hack.

“i used to work at chipotle this 100% works I used to take like 4 empty bowls of straight chicken home everyday,” one viewer shared.

“Yeah well we dont throw out anything at chipotle but we try not to have too many re heats,” a second stated.

“I work at chipotle. we will hook u up on everything at the end of the night i promise you,” a third echoed.

However, others pointed out potential issues with Jakefinn’s tip.

‘I worked at chipotle we are either out of food by 9 or what’s left is used the next day. The only thing that gets thrown away is rice and beans,” one former Chipotle employee commented.

“This is risky and you have to be flexible bc if they’re out of something you want, they’re not restocking for you 10 min before close,” a second advised.

“I work at chipotle we closed early bc of people coming in 5 minutes before close. Don’t do this we have to clean and close the store it’s annoying,” a third said.

A few viewers criticized the creator for advising them to use this information “sparingly,” despite posting it on a huge social media platform.

“’Use this sparingly’ but tells tiktok with millions of users,” one person joked.

“he said sparingly cause y’all fucked up the taco hack,” a second defended.

“Your first mistake was believing that the general public will use any information given to them sparingly. There is always that one person,” a third criticized.

Jakefinn replied to the comment. “Imma be real I didn’t expect this to pop off like it did,” he explained.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jakefinn via TikTok comment.

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