Customer finds something ‘disgusting’ in her Chipotle burrito. She’s not the only one

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‘I’m so scared to get Chipotle now’: Customer finds something ‘disgusting’ in her Chipotle burrito. She’s not the only one

'Don’t go to Chipotle, unless you want to eat bugs.'


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Posted on May 4, 2024   Updated on May 4, 2024, 2:21 pm CDT

An internet user is calling out Chipotle after finding something unexpected in their burrito.

Chipotle has been mired in controversy in recent years. Internet users have complained about inconsistent portions, unnecessary charges, and high prices—not to mention the various scandals the chain has had around its ingredients.  

Now, a user on TikTok says that a burrito she purchased for her sister had a bug in it.

“Chipotle, count your days,” says TikTok user Nicolle Saba (@nicolle.saba) in a video with over 890,000 views. She then shows what appears to be a bug in the burrito. “That is not a bean… My sister had that in her mouth. Spit it out.”

“This is the companies that we’re trusting to make our food. With bugs in it,” she declares.

Is it common to find bugs in Chipotle?

Saba isn’t the first to claim to have found a bug in her burrito. Back in 2021, a user on TikTok went viral after alleging that she found a beetle in her Chipotle order.

@nicolle.saba I am DISGUSTED. Will not be eating in chipotle AGAIN. @Chipotle #chipotle ♬ original sound – Nicolle Saba

In a follow-up video, Saba says that, upon returning to the store, she was offered a refund.

When she asked how this happened in the first place, she claims she was told that improperly washed produce can sometimes lead to incidents like these. Saba was not satisfied by this answer.

“Don’t go to Chipotle, unless you want to eat bugs,” she declares.

She also reveals in this video that neither she nor her sister ended up finishing the burrito. Instead, it was stolen and eaten by her dog.

@nicolle.saba Replying to @Chame19 STOPPPPP TELLING ME ITS EXTRA PROTEIN IMA THROW UP #chipotle ♬ original sound – Nicolle Saba

Commenters alleged that incidents like these were fairly common.

“I work at a chipotle and I work prep so I prep most of the food and I be finding bugs often but only in the lettuce heads,” shared a user. “ain’t gonna lie tho after we cut it and wash it it’s good.”

“Last time I went to chipotle on Firestone in Downey, CA I had a live caterpillar in my bowl. Never went to a chipotle again,” added another.

“This literally happened to me same exact bug but mine was alive went back to the store asked for a refund,” revealed a third. “they honestly don’t care they told me to call customer service smh.”

In an email to the Daily Dot, Saba says that Chipotle has not reached out to her since posting her video.

“My hope in posting the video is that Chipotle sees it and does a better job at managing and employing people who actually care to do their job correct[ly],” she writes. “Working in the food industry, it’s important to be hygienic and clean at all times, as well as it’s important to be very detail-oriented, especially when cleaning produce.”

The incident has changed her family’s relationship with the restaurant, she states.

“This was a very unfortunate and disgusting experience,” says Saba. “My little sister was the one who discovered the bug (she was a big fan of Chipotle); now she is very disappointed and disgusted, as the feeling and taste of biting the bug will most likely not go away for a very long time. We hope that this brings awareness to others to be more careful with what they eat.”

We’ve reached out to Chipotle via email.

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*First Published: May 4, 2024, 4:00 pm CDT