Chanel store of selling her a fake purse

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‘This is just Chanel quality rn’: Shopper suspects Chanel store of selling her a fake purse. Viewers aren’t so sure

‘You could buy this for $30 in Soho.’


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When you drop over $5,000 on an authentic Chanel bag at a Chanel store in Milan, the last thing you expect is low quality. But in a new viral TikTok, a Chanel customer reportedly got a bag so subpar she is convinced it is a dupe.

In a TikTok with over 1.5 million views as of Saturday, content creator Dayna Brand (@alldaynallnight) breaks down exactly why she suspects her Chanel bag is a fake.

“I think the real Chanel store in Milan sold me a fake Chanel bag,” Brand begins.

Quality does not match the price

She shows the Chanel bag in question to the camera, the small, white bag complete with a pearl handle. It seems to be Chanel’s mini flap bag, which includes shiny lambskin and imitation pearls and retails for $6,100. The creator, however, confirmed to the Daily Dot that she paid $3,200.

Brand says the first red flag she noticed is the “Made in Italy” stamp seemed “blurry.” 

“You can see [the stamp] is like, fading. And I was looking online and no other bag has a stamp in this spot,” Brand explains.

The second red flag for Brand has to do with the bag’s main snap button. 

“There’s no Chanel on this button,” Brand says, referring to the top snap which indeed lacks the “Chanel” label that is on the bottom one, “which usually every piece of hardware has the logo in some way on it.”

Further, Brand says that while she acknowledges Chanel’s “quality has gone down,” the bag’s zipper feels particularly “cheap.”

“It seems like something that would be on a Hanes sweatshirt,” she describes.

Lastly, Brand says the bag’s stitching is subpar, saying, “It’s not amazing. Like it’s good, but it just looks a little weird in some spots.”

As the video ends, Brand poses a question to viewers about how she should move forward. “I only have one day left in Italy to return her, so what do we think?”


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Viewers are on her side

“It looks really cheap! Go get your refund,” one user wrote.

“Honestly, everything is just terrible quality right now. I would return and get vintage Chanel,” another user advised.

“You could buy this for $30 in Soho,” another wrote.

“How has their quality gone down but the price keeps going up? That’s so brutal. I’d return,” a fourth viewer suggested.

The pricing and quality of Chanel’s bags have recently been under scrutiny as consumers express grievances over rising costs, lowering quality, and even lower customer service standards in stores.

In response to reports of declining quality, Chanel fashion President Bruno Pavlovsky told Business of Fashion: “We’re not perfect. We’re aware that our positioning obligates us to always do better.”

According to Sotheby’s, Chanel CFO Alain Philippe Blondiaux addressed the luxury brand’s price increases— which in March of this year, reported double-digit price increase percentages across all bag styles— “We usually revise our prices twice a year. That’s what we’ve always done and will continue to do.”

Chanel price increases happen in March and September. Sotheby’s reports that at its current rate of price increase, a Medium Chanel Classic Flap Bag could retail for over $20,000 in less than five years. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Dayna Brand via TikTok and Instagram private message and Chanel via email for more information. 

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