DoorDash customer orders from local restaurant ‘Catfish Kitchen.' It’s just Captain D’s

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‘I thought it was a different place’: DoorDash customer orders from local restaurant ‘Catfish Kitchen.’ It’s just Captain D’s

'I'm gonna stick to the three places I order from. I've learned my lesson.'


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Posted on Nov 25, 2023   Updated on Nov 25, 2023, 11:09 am CST

A user on TikTok is calling out food delivery services after claiming that she placed an order from a restaurant called “Catfish Kitchen”—but when the order was delivered, it was food from the fast-casual restaurant chain Captain D’s.

In a video with over 585,000 views as of Saturday, TikTok user SiSi (@senarozay) recounts her experience.

“Tell me why I thought I was ordering from a place called Catfish Kitchen,” she says, showing a DoorDash ordering page. She then states that she verified the address to make sure it was coming from a legitimate business.

However, when she received the order, she discovered that the business was Captain D’s.

“I thought I got the wrong order,” she says. “I opened it up—it was my exact order.”

SiSi likely encountered what is called a “ghost kitchen.” There are many types of ghost kitchens, but in this case, a “ghost kitchen” or “ghost restaurant” refers to a restaurant specializing in delivery that operates within another restaurant.

This topic has sparked discussion on TikTok several times before; in January, a user on TikTok went viral after noting that several delivery restaurants, namely Super Mega Dilla and Thrilled Cheese, are virtual brands operated out of IHOP and similar restaurants.

@senarozay @DoorDash looked out for me so I'm not too mad. Whoever is running this SCAM! YA GOING TO JAIL!!! Because why would u do this to me!!!!??? #doordash #fyp #unioncityga #doordashdisaster ♬ original sound – SíSí K

Others have simply lamented the experience of ordering from ghost kitchens or virtual brands. One user virally complained about a sandwich she received from The Meltdown, which is operated out of Denny’s; another showed how a restaurant used stock photos on Uber Eats to serve subpar food.

In SiSi’s case, she’s not the first to get catfished by Captain D’s. About a year ago, a user on Reddit voiced a similar complaint to the r/mildlyinfuriating subreddit. “Ordered delivery from what I thought was a new place called Catfish Kitchen. What arrived was Captain D’s,” the post reads.

SiSi later posted an update video answering questions and offering further thoughts on the matter.

In this video, SiSi says that while she was aware of ghost kitchens, she did not know that they could be operated out of existing restaurants. Furthermore, she says the food she received was “no different from Captain D’s.”

“I paid $30 for Captain D’s,” she says. “That’s too d*mn much!” She goes on to describe the food as “nasty” and claims that she was able to get a refund.

Following this, she calls out ghost kitchens, saying the proliferation of such virtual brands is “not OK.”

@senarozay Replying to @apimpnamebacon everyone yelling ghost kitchen like my name is Casper!#doordashdisaster #unioncityga #fyp #doordash ♬ original sound – SíSí K

“At minimum, these places should at least let you know where they’re operating out of,” she states.

In the comments section, users largely agreed with her assessment.

“Yupppp i had to convince my coworker not to order the mr beast stuff cause it was applebees!” said a user.

“Yep pardon my cheesesteak got me. I was mad when I seen ihop,” offered another.

The Daily Dot reached out to Captain D’s, Catfish Kitchen, and DoorDash via email, and SiSi via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Nov 25, 2023, 1:00 pm CST