Applebee's workers struggle during unlimited boneless wings promo

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‘Y’all are killing us’: Applebee’s workers struggle during all-you-can-eat boneless wings promo

‘My table had 225 wings eaten all together.’


Phil West


There’s an unlimited boneless wings promo happening at Applebee’s, apparently for a limited time—though it appears the end can’t come soon enough for some workers.

A TikTok video going behind the scenes at the chain restaurant, courtesy of creator @that_kid_rudy_, shows one worker sharing the discontent of some of his co-workers.

The video, which went up on the platform on Aug. 19, has generated more than 2.6 million views as of Saturday.

The caption to the video reads, in all caps, “WE SERVIN YALL DINOSAUR KNEE CAPS.” It starts with an on-screen caption reading, “The truth behind ‘all you can eat boneless wings,’” and then shows a worker unloading a box of what appears to be frozen boneless wings.

@that_kid_rudy_ WE SERVIN YALL DINOSAUR KNEE CAPS #allyoucaneat #applebeeschallenge #fyp ♬ original sound – that_kid_rudy_

The worker in the video is speaking in Spanish, ranting about the amount of work they have to do because of so many wings. The person recording the co-worker pans their camera to show the order screen, where throngs of boneless wings orders are lining up.

The video led some to report on their boneless wing-eating exploits in the comments.

“I slammed 89 wings down yesterday,” said one commenter.

That led the creator to respond, “YOU KILLIN US DAWG.”

Another noted, “My table had 225 wings eaten all together,” clarifying that it was for a party of six.

Someone else relayed, “My Applebees just stalled like 30-40 minutes between plates.”

That led someone, presumably an Applebee’s worker, to say, “We take forever due to amount of orders, not on purpose. We only limit due to people wasting food.”

At least one person appreciated the hard work happening in the kitchen, reporting, “Dont worry i tipped the servers and the kitchen staff when i went bro.”

That led the creator to reply, “‘Preciate you big dawg.”

Applebee’s All-You-Can-Eat Boneless Wings special has been the subject of a number of TikToks; Daily Dot coverage of the phenomenon includes a customer falling short of a goal to eat 50 wings, a worker who subbed in chicken tenders when her location ran out of wings, and a group of high school students who claim workers delayed bringing them new plates when they went strong into third and fourth rounds.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Applebee’s via email.

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