Expert calls out new Honda sedan for being built with a lack of Honda parts

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‘GM and Honda made a baby???’: Expert calls out new Honda sedan for being built with a lack of Honda parts

‘I want a Honda that is a Honda…’


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Honda has long been one of the most trusted and appreciated automakers by drivers throughout the U.S., with recent surveys putting it just behind Toyota and Subaru among mass market brands. General Motors, one of the pillars of the U.S. auto industry, has improved its reputation in recent years but its host of brand are a little more middle of the pack. Solid, but not quite superior.

So it may come as a surprise to some buyers that there are likely a mix of both corporations’ parts at work in recent model years, as was recently pointed out in a TikTok clip from Connecticut-based Executive Auto Group (@executiveautogroup). 

Wait, Hondas are made with GM parts now?

Lots of people reading this are probably wondering how such a thing could happen between companies that most folks think of as fierce international competitors. It’s important to note that in 2020 when the world was in the grips of the COVID pandemic and the beginnings of prolonged supply chain shortages for parts all over the globe, GM and Honda became allies and formed an alliance in North America that included jointly developing two new electric vehicles for Honda based on GM’s global electric vehicle platform and Ultium battery technology.

One of those is the Honda Prologue crossover SUV, which entered the market earlier this year. In the clip we get an up-close look at how much GM engine and battery hardware and other underhood components are in the Prologue, as well as how much of the interior looks and feels like you’re in a GM vehicle.

To sum up the video quickly: It’s a lot.

“The whole motor and battery is made by GM, so it’s all GM parts you see all under the hood. But that’s not it,” the narrator tells us as he shows the key fob adorned with both Chevrolet and Honda logos.

When we look in on the open the door we’re shown a frankly staggering laundry list of GM pieces in a Honda-branded vehicle.

So wait, what GM parts are in the new Honda?

Among them:

  • outside door handle
  • inside door handle and locking mechanism
  • the cosmetic plastic for the window and mirror controls
  • hood release
  • assorted dashboard panels
  • the stearing wheel
  • column shifter
  • windshield wiper control handle
  • the touchscreen entertainment system
  • and the overhead control panel includes the GM original OnStar communications system

It might’ve been quicker to simply list what components weren’t originated from GM, since the only ones detailed in the video are some storage mats and a plastic tray included in the armrest storage module.

Commenters in the post didn’t hold back on their distaste for Honda getting into business with GM.

“biggest mistake hondas made in awhile was this partnership,” one wrote

Another speculated that the partnership likely made Honda fonder Soichiro Honda spin in his grave.

Another said the duplicity may have put a dent in their Honda loyalty: “Hate it… If I want a GM vehicle I’ll buy GM. I want a Honda that is a Honda.”

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The good news for those disenchanted folks is they may get their wish fairly quickly since late last year Honda announced it was terminating the EV partnerhsip with GM.

The Daily Dot has reached out to GM, Honda, and Executive Auto Group via email.

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