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‘This is all stuff you would have in your carry on anyway’: American Airlines customer unboxes bag airline gives you if they lose your checked luggage

‘The way they have this if your bag is lost shows me they lose bags WAY too often.’


Heather Stewart


American Airlines gave an amenities kit to customer Meredith Dean (@merenator) after it lost her checked luggage. On Sunday, June 23, Dean posted a TikTok showing what is in the kit: Broken deodorant, a razor, shaving cream, a hand and body lotion, a comb/brush, and a refreshing towelette.

All of the items are travel-size

In the video, Dean says there is no shampoo, conditioner or tampons in the small bag.

There is, however, a small apology card, which reads, “Please accept our sincere apology for the delay of your luggage. Be assured every effort is being made to recover your property and return it to you as soon as possible. We realize this delay is an inconvenience, but hope you’ll find the contents of this amenities kit to be useful.” 

“If you are really in need, these things are useful,” one viewer commented on Dean’s TikTok.

Still, many commenters expressed similar qualms to Dean regarding the contents of the kit. 

“Looks like a bag for men,” one viewer commented. “Tampons should be in there at the very least.” 

Some suggested that American Airlines provide clothes and full-sized products, too.

“This is all stuff you would have in your carry on anyway,” a viewer wrote.

What’s inside the American Airlines kit?

“I work in a prison,” another viewer commented. “Those are the same toothbrushes and toothpaste we give the inmates.”

Out of all airlines, the American Airlines Network has mishandled the most bags in 2024, according to the Department of Transportation’s monthly Air Travel Consumer Reports

“The way they have this if your bag is lost shows me they lose bags WAY too often,” one viewer commented on Dean’s TikTok.

According to the official American Airlines policy for delayed or lost luggage, the airline will reimburse customers for the “reasonable and necessary items” they need while without their bags, as long as the customer sends the information to them within 30 days of the delay. 

“If we can’t find your bag, any expense reimbursement will be deducted from the final settlement amount,” the website reads. 

Despite this outlined policy, some American Airlines customers commented that they didn’t get the amenities kit or reimbursement when the company lost their luggage.

“They lost my luggage and I couldn’t get it for a whole month, and they gave me nothing,” one customer commented. 

“They gave me nothing at all then sent my [bag] to the wrong state,” another wrote. “It took weeks to come.”

On the flip side, TikTok user Hannah Ackman (@hcackman) said both times when American Airlines lost her luggage at LaGuardia airport in Queens, New York, an employee told her the airline would reimburse her if she bought essentials such as PJs and toiletries.

“We sent them the receipts and they gave us the money,” Ackman said. 

American Airlines did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment. 

American Airlines are great till something goes wrong, then they’re pretty [expletive],” one viewer commented. 

@merenator Um why not a tampon though AA? 😩😑✈️ @Kelly Brodalski #smh #travel #travelhack #losingluggage #traveltok #femaletraveler #vacation #vacationgonewrong #grenada #grenadastgeorges ♬ original sound – harley

“I actually love American Airlines,” Dean responded, despite writing “#vacationgonewrong” in the caption of her TikTok. “Also just got my bag back within 24 hours.”

Dean did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment.

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