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McDonald’s, Whole Foods, Goodwill, press-on nails: 6 TikTok life hacks we can’t wait to try

‘Not prepping your nails the right way.’


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Hacks have always been immensely popular on the internet, offering creative and practical solutions to everyday problems—and some entertainment on the side. In fact, at the time of publishing, 9.9 million TikTok videos mention the viral hashtag #LifeHack, engaging millions of viewers from around the globe. 

With many of these videos going viral each week, we’ve compiled a list of six of the most useful and popular tricks you can use in your everyday life that you probably didn’t know before. We’ve covered a million of them so definitely check back for more later. Let’s get into it. 

McDonald’s Happy Meal box hack

Woman finds out how to use McDonald’s Happy Meal box
@kirstyfoxx/TikTok Elena Medoks/Adobe Stock (Licensed)

A U.K. mom discovered a clever trick for serving her kids a McDonald’s Happy Meal. It’s as if we’ve been doing it wrong this whole time.

User Kirsty @kirstyfoxx shared a TikTok video where she demonstrates how easily a Happy Meal box can be turned into a convenient plate for serving food. 

As Kristy shows in her video, here’s how you do it: Find the horizontal perforations in the middle of the box, and peel it. Discard the top half of the box, and use the bottom half as a makeshift plate. Enjoy!

Whole Foods meal prep hack

Shopper tries Whole Foods meal prep hack, says it's cheaper than buying salmon separately
wolterke/Adobe Stock @stefannyalecon/TikTok (Licensed)

TikTok user Stefanny Alecon (@stefannyalecon) shared her go-to grocery item at Whole Foods. 

Although Whole Foods is known for its high-end shopping experience and premium prices, consumers are falling in love with their family meal plan—a platter of prepared food with around four meal servings for the price of $26.

In her TikTok video, Stefanny holds up the salmon family meal plan, stating the generously sized salmon pieces are enough to feed her for the entire week. 

Long lasting press-on nails hack

Woman shares trick to making press-on nails last 30 days
@vanilla_swirlxx/TikTok Prostock-studio/Adobe Stock (Licensed)

Beauty guru Vanilla Swirl (@vanilla_swirlxx) recently posted a tutorial on how to get press-on nails to last you 30 days

According to the TikToker, if your press-on nails keep falling, it’s likely because you’re either “not prepping your nails the right way” or you are “using a [expletive] glue.”

She goes on to share both the prepping your nails step—which is quite extensive but uses simple tools—and the process of effectively gluing the press-ons to your nails. 

Vanilla Swirls says this technique has saved her thousands of dollars and significantly improved her nail health.

Cheap Olive Garden family dinner hack 

Dad feeds family of 6 with Olive Garden
@glazedepoxy/TikTok Brett/Adobe Stock (Licensed)

A couple on TikTok shared how they feed their family of six for under $20 with this Olive Garden meal hack

Josh and Callie Milheam (@glazedepoxy) start by walking into Olive Garden and ordering 16 ounces of Alfredo sauce with breadsticks, which costs $14.05. 

Afterward, they return home to cook the rest of their meal. They boil some angel hair pasta and fry up chicken breasts, combining the ingredients to create a delicious dinner: Six portions of chicken alfredo pasta with breadsticks, all for just $20. 

According to the couple, with grocery prices being so high, it makes sense to combine eating out with home cooking for the most cost-effective meal planning. 

Any item for $10 at Goodwill hack

Goodwill shopper shares trick to get any item for $10
kharoll Mendoza/ShutterStock @shelbyreneexoxo/TikTok (Licensed)

A Goodwill shopper recently shared a trick for buying any item for $10, regardless of the price shown on the tag. 

In her TikTok video, creator Shelby (@shelbyreneexoxo) implies you can buy any item for $10 if you remove the tag before you head to the cash register, as she can be seen walking over to her car wearing her new hat.

She captioned the video, “POV the Goodwill tag said $24 but the ‘missing tag price match’ said $9.99.”

However, many commenters on her video noted that they can’t purchase any merchandise in their local thrift stores if the tags are missing, so this trick might not work at every location. 

Exposing bed bugs hack

Woman shares her trick to exposing bed bugs while staying in a hotel
Vlad Kochelaevskiy/Adobe Stock @janelleandkate/TikTok (Licensed)

If you’re someone who gets nervous sleeping in hotel rooms due to concerns about uncleanliness and the fear of bed bugs, TikTok user @janelleandkate has a helpful tip

According to her, if you take an iron and press it to the bottom corner of your bed, the heat will attract any bed bugs to the surface of the mattress. Then, by lifting the comforter and sheet, you can see the infestations clearly on top of the mattress. This simple trick can offer peace of mind for your future travels. 

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