Woman shares trick to making press-on nails last 30 days

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‘I’ll never go back to a nail salon’: Woman shares trick to making press-on nails last 30 days

‘I’ve saved probably like thousands of dollars.’


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A beauty guru on TikTok posted a viral video sharing a trick she says will make your press-on nails last for at least 30 days

Vanilla Swirl (@vanilla_swirlxx) has reached over 1.2 million views and 112,000 likes on her video. She added an on-screen caption that says, “PRESS ON NAIL TUTORIAL *how to get them to last 30 days*.”

To start her video, Swirl tells viewers, “If you’re still spending $100 every two weeks at the nail salon for nails that look exactly like this,” as she shows her nails to the camera, “please, please stop.”

Then, Swirl explains that for the past 10 years, she has been a “die-hard acrylic nail girlie.” However, she now says that she will “never go back to a nail salon.” 

Besides saving “thousands of dollars” by not spending $100 on nails every two weeks, Swirl says another benefit to learning how to do your own press-on nails is that your nail health will dramatically improve.

However, the website Poe states that, “Press-on nails can contribute to slow nail growth. They don’t allow your nails to breathe properly, which can hinder their growth.”

Next, Swirl says the two main reasons your press-on nails may not last a long time is because you’re either “not prepping your nails the right way” or you are “using a sh*tty glue.”

Prepping your natural nail

Swirl says step one is to prep your nails with a cuticle softener or remover. She says the remover is used to take off any extra cuticle dead skin on your nails.

Byrdie states that a cuticle remover “removes dead tissue surrounding your nail, leaving it soft and easy to manipulate.” The site adds, “It preps your nails for a successful manicure, keeping them neat and tidy.”

“If you have anything left on your nails, your press-on won’t stick,” Swirl adds. “They might stick for the first few days, but they’ll literally pop off right afterwards.”

After letting the cuticle remover sit for about five to 10 minutes, Swirl says you need to “push your cuticles back.” The tool used to do so is called a cuticle pusher

Next, Swirl says you need to fully “remove cuticles and any dead skin.” Swirl says to go around each of your nails and with a cuticle cutter and give them a “quick trim, nothing too crazy.” 

Swirl shows her cleaned nails to the camera and says the next step to preparing your nails is to buff the surface.

“This is gonna help your natural nail stick to the press-on a lot better,” she explains. Swirl says you can use any type of nail file and should lightly buff the surface of all of your nails. “You just want that surface shine off your nail,” she adds.

JinSoon states, “By stimulating blood circulation, the buffer/shiner contributes to healthier nail growth and overall nail health.”

Lastly, Swirl says you need to spray your nails with rubbing alcohol, acetone, nail polish remover or “any kind of dehydrator” to dry out your fingernails. She says this step is important as it removes any excess oil, dust, or fluff from your nails.

Applying the press-ons

“Now on to the second most important step,” Swirl says. She holds up a bottle of Beauty Secrets nail glue and says, “This is the only glue I ever use.” 

“This is not sponsored, I just literally love this freaking glue,” she adds.  

Swirl demonstrates how to dot the glue onto your nails and says, “Honestly, gluing on your nail is the easiest part of this whole process.”

Once your glue is set, Swirl says you should push the press-on nail into the cuticle of your nail first, at a 45-degree angle, and then follow by pushing the rest of the nail down. “Hold for like 30 seconds,” she adds.

@vanilla_swirlxx press on nail tutorial 💅🏻 (that last 30 days) #pressonnails #pressonnailstutorial #diynails ♬ original sound – vanilla swirl 🍦

Swirl says that pushing the press-on nail back into the cuticle will make it last longer and look more natural.

Before ending her video, Swirl shows the camera her full set of press-on nails and added another on-screen caption saying, “these bad boys will last 30 days easyyy.” 

According to L’Oréal, the five steps to making sure your press-on nails last are to “Clean your nail beds, buff your nails, double glue your nails, apply pressure, and cure.” 

The website also states that a set of press-on nails will typically last for “about one week.” However, it adds, “if you follow the tips above and take care of your nails they could stay intact for two to three weeks (or until you remove them).”

The Daily Dot reached out to Vanilla Swirl via email for more information.

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