Shopper tries Whole Foods meal prep hack, says it's cheaper than buying salmon separately

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‘I thought it was a steal’: Shopper tries Whole Foods meal prep hack, says it’s cheaper than just buying salmon

‘Not Whole Foods becoming moderately priced.’


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While Whole Foods is notoriously expensive (and a bit bougie), this one food item is so well-priced that it’s going viral.

One of the hardest parts of being a fully-fledged adult is having to feed yourself three balanced meals a day.

While eating is great, making your own meals is a whole process. You have to plan out what you’re gonna have for the week, go grocery shopping (which keeps getting more expensive), prepare the food, and after all that, there are a ton of dishes to take care of.

That’s why TikToker Stefanny Alecon (@stefannyalecon) was excited to finally see the viral Whole Foods family meal in stock at her location.

What’s the viral family meal at Whole Foods?

The family meal is a prepared platter of food with (usually) four meal servings. While Whole Foods is known for high prices, this meal option has taken off in popularity because it’s only $26. You’d easily spend that to get one simple meal delivered (with a tip).

@stefannyalecon This meal prep saved me TIME and money. And let me tell you, those salmon pieces are big! #mealprep #mealprepideas #wholefoods #mealprephack ♬ original sound – Stefanny Alecon

Per meal, it ends up being just $6.50—depending on what you’re making, you could easily spend that much making your own home-cooked meal.

If you’re a family of four, the Whole Foods deal has you covered for dinner for the night, or for a single person, that’s almost a week’s worth of meal prep.

Since going viral, these meal kits have gotten difficult to find at some locations, with them selling out by the time some are able to make it to the store, so Alecon was excited when she saw them stocked at her local Whole Foods.

Alecon grabbed a platter with salmon, sweet potatoes, and green beans and was shocked by how hearty the portions were especially the salmon.

“I’m literally gonna, like, season this a little more, throw this in the oven, put them in containers, and I’m done for the week,” Alecon said.

She added that the meal kit was cheaper than her buying and preparing the salmon herself.

For those interested in getting their hands on this pretty affordable meal prep, Alecon explained that you need to go to the cold prepared food fridges (usually located near the hot bar). If they’re fully in stock, you’ll likely have a few options, like salmon, chicken, and lasagna.

“This meal prep saved me TIME and money. And let me tell you, those salmon pieces are big!” Alecon said in the caption.

The video has more than 750,000 views and hundreds of comments as of Sunday.

“Not Whole Foods becoming moderately priced,” the top comment read.

“I revamped it by the third day- made it a sushi bowl,” a person shared.

“Woah! that’s a great deal. I’m a Cancer patient & always looking for easy healthy meals for my kids thanks for the recs,” another said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Alecon and Whole Foods for comment via email.

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