Dad feeds family of 6 with Olive Garden

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‘That’s a good deal’: Dad feeds family of 6 with Olive Garden for $20. Here’s how

‘That is exactly what I’ve been doing!’


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TikTok couple Josh and Callie Mileham (@glazedepoxy) shared how they feed their family of six for under $20 with a money-saving Olive Garden meal hack.

The couple has a joint TikTok account, where they typically share such hacks with their 16,000 followers. Previously, they went viral for their Texas Roadhouse hack that let them feed their family of six for only $20.

“I have a new hack: feeding a family of six and we’re going to Olive Garden,” Josh says in one of their latest videos while he points at the Olive Garden behind him.

The family walks into the building, and Josh places an order to-go. “Can I get an 8 ounce of the Alfredo sauce with the eight breadsticks,” he says. “So, can I get two of those.”

When they arrive home with their Olive Garden order, they proceed to cook the rest of the meal. “So, we got Angel Hair pasta. It was a $1.29 for the box,” Callie shares, revealing the box of pasta noodles.

“We’re just gonna use one section which costs $4.66 for the chicken,” she adds, showing the frozen chicken breasts.

While the noodles are boiling, Josh seasons the chicken. “This is our all-time favorite. It’s a flavor crystal seasoning. It’s great on everything,” Josh says of the seasoning.

He then places the chicken onto the frying pan and adds some more seasoning. Once the chicken is done, he chops it up into small pieces. They then douses the cooked noodles in Alfredo sauce, and place two breadsticks on each plate.

In the text overlay, they break down the prices. The sauce and breadsticks were $14.05. The pasta cost $1.29. And the chicken cost $4.66, making the grand total $20.

During an interview with the Daily Dot, Callie shared that the family eats out a lot.

“After spending tons on food to have it wasted we have learned to either share meals or get certain sauces, dressings or sides that we haven’t been able to recreate, and cook the rest at home,” she shared via TikTok direct message. 

Typically, when her family eats out a nice restaurant, they spend around $40-$60. On the other hand, they only spend about $20-$30 when they eat in.

“The price of groceries is so high now that eating at fast food places is almost cheaper than cooking!” she exclaimed.

“We want people to know it’s ok to share plates at restaurants, especially when the portions are so large! It’s a great way for larger families to eat out without spending a ton!” she added.

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The video garnered over 88,000 views. In the comments section, viewers praised the hack.

“That’s a good hack. Thanks for sharing!” one viewer applauded.

“That is exactly what I’ve been doing! My family loves Olive Garden Alfredo!” a second wrote.

However, others found different ways to make the meal even cheaper.

“The Olive Garden kid meals to go are also an awesome value!! You can do choice of pasta with side, drink, and two breadsticks,” one shared.

“Wouldn’t buying jarred Alfredo cost less and give you more? Is Olive Garden Alfredo that good?” another questioned.

Is store-bought Alfredo sauce and breadsticks cheaper?

Jars of 8-ounce Alfredo sauces range from $1.89-$7.79, depending on the brand, at the grocery store. Breadsticks, on the other hand, costs $2.74 per 6-count box. The store-bought items are cheaper than if bought at Olive Garden. But for those who prefer the taste of Olive Garden Alfredo, they likely wouldn’t mind dishing out a few more dollars.

How much would does it typically cost to feed a family of 6 at Olive Garden?

It would cost around $60 to feed a family of 6 at Olive Garden. However, that’s only if the adults choose the cheapest entrees, like spaghetti and meatballs for $14.99. On average, each adult meal at Olive Garden is over $20. Each kid’s meal is $6.99, and it comes with their choice of pasta, side, and drink. 

How much does it cost to feed a family 6?

According to Chef’s Store, the average family of six spends between $1,126 to $1,546 per month on food at the grocery store. 

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