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‘I’m really disappointed in how you handled things while I was out’: Worker’s 6-month performance review gets boiled down to the 2 weeks she covers her boss

‘You did her job too well.’


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Even under the best circumstances, performance reviews can be problematic. One TikToker may have set a new (low) bar for the nerve-wracking process, though.

Unfiltered_Amy (@unfiltered_amy) alleges her supervisor at her undisclosed job not only judged her for two weeks out of the six-month performance cycle but that the two weeks in question were when the supervisor was on vacation and making Amy cover for her.

Amy first posted about her negative performance review four days ago in a video captioned “LmK what u think about this.” The video has 233,600 views and counting.

Under a screen text reading “Prbly Going to get Fired for this post,” Amy told her viewers about her nightmare of a review.

“I covered for my boss for about two weeks,” she says. “She went out of the country, and I had no access to her, so I was doing her job and my job.”

Amy says that after her boss left on vacation, she had to handle some “semi-serious issues” during her absence. After dealing with the problems alongside one of the company vice presidents, she says that everything was “golden.”

However, when Amy’s quarterly review came up, she says the first thing her boss told her was, “I’m really disappointed in how you handled things when I was gone.”

“She based my entire review for six months off a two-week period when I had zero access to her,” Amy tells her viewers. “How do you base someone’s six-month performance in a two-week period when you weren’t even in the same country?”

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Amy’s story garnered a lot of sympathy from her viewers, and several stated that her supervisor was masking her jealousy.

“She’s worried that because you were able to handle her job, the company may not need her now!” one viewer wrote.

“Retaliation! You did her job and you did it better,” another commented.

One viewer stated, “Lot of red flags. document all that happened. give it all to her boss. she needs management classes or let go.”

Amy has since posted two follow-up videos. In the first, she posted screenshots of her comments on the evaluation as well as her supervisor’s statement. Her supervisor claimed the review was based on “team feedback” over the last six months, although “issues were highlighted while direct manager was out of the country.”

In her second follow-up, Amy tells her viewers that she has been placed on a probationary “performance plan” in the wake of her review. She also says that she will be tendering her resignation soon. “Monday, I’m gonna turn in my laptop,” she states.

Amy states she will focus on self-employment and turning her existing side gigs into her own business in the future.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Amy via TikTok for further comment.

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