Woman eats chipotle kids meal every night

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‘THIS IS MY FAV HACK’: Customer says she eats Chipotle’s $5.40 kids meal 5 nights per week. Here’s what you get

‘the kids meals were godsends to make.’


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The portion sizes at U.S. restaurants are generally much larger than the ones offered in other parts of the world, which is especially true when it comes to fast food restaurants.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are so many social media users who are quick to share their “kids meal” hacks for getting smaller items from their favorite chain restaurants, which often cost a fraction of the price of a full-sized adult entree, but still leave them feeling full nonetheless.

In fact, one TikTok user went viral earlier this year after claiming she orders curbside pick-up kids’ meals multiple days a week. And this week another TikToker has gone viral stating that she does the same exact thing.

Cat, known as fruitstick on TikTok, recently posted a video where she professed her love for Chipotle‘s kids’ meal offerings. In a video that has accrued more than 795,000 views since it was posted on July 26, Cat states that she’s able to keep herself full by paying just $5.40 per order.

@fruitstick $5.40 for 2 tacos, nachos, and a drink it’s so good i’m sorry 😭😭😭😭 #chipotle ♬ Gnossienne No.1 – Erik Satie & Various Artists

She records herself chomping down on some grub from the Mexican-style chain, writing: “chipotle kids meal thank u for feeding me 5/7 nights a week.” She also writes to ask if kids’ meals orders are frustrating for Chipotle workers to prepare: “chipotle employees pls be honest are these annoying to make because i really do get them 5x/week.”

Cat’s caption in the video delineates all of the food that she’s able to get: “$5.40 for 2 tacos, nachos, and a drink it’s so good i’m sorry.”

According to the online ordering pricing offered by a Chipotle in the Daily Dot’s hometown of Austin, Texas, kids’ meals start at $5 and $5.55.

One commenter allayed Cat’s fears, stating that not only are the kids’ meals not “annoying” to make, but that they actually enjoyed putting them together: “I used to work there, the kids’ meals were godsends to make. I used to love making them. Please continue to order them.”

Another user offered their own words of encouragement, albeit in a slightly different fashion: “as someone who works at chipotle i dislike almost anything so get what u want.”

That was a sentiment echoed by another food service industry employee: “As someone who works at a pizza place: every fast food worker hates making everything so just order what you want.”

Someone else said that they too love ordering kids’ meals from Chipotle as it offers them an affordable vegan and gluten-free option that doesn’t break the bank: “I love them so much they’re the only cheap vegan gf thing that widely available.”

“No but same. It’s $5 for a whole nice meal that I don’t have to cook or clean up. It’s so nice after a long day to just have a cheap and easy meal,” another user said.

Cat also shared her go-to kids’ meal custom Chipotle order in the comments section of the video as well: “kids soft taco kit w chicken al pastor, white rice, pinto beans. chips as the side. mix chicken/rice/beans and use 2/3 for the 2 tacos 1/3 w chips !”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Chipotle via email and Cat via TikTok comment for further information.

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