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‘There is no way I can eat 17 bananas before these go bad’: Instacart customer orders 3 bananas. Shopper gets her 3 bundles instead

'I asked for tampons and got a box of bandaids! What kind of substitute is that?'


Phil West


Posted on Jun 24, 2023

If you’ve ever ordered groceries via Instacart, you may have fallen victim to perplexingly poor substitutions or gross misinterpretations of some of the items in your order. Such was the case for one Instacart customer who recently went viral after sharing that she ordered three bananas and got three bunches instead.

Dallas-based TikToker @dani_mignone posted a video about her shopping experience on Jun. 11. As of Jun. 24, the video has garnered over 4,600 views.

“Ordering on Instacart is literally so hit or miss every single time,” she begins. “Like, I just saw a video of someone who ordered one thing of string beans, and they thought it was going to be one pound of string beans, and they got one singular string bean.” (The Daily Dot covered the video she’s referencing earlier this month.)

@dani_mignone @Instacart needs to fix this 🤣😭 this should not be such a common occurrence ps i dont even like bananas that much #instacartshopper #instacartstorytime #grocerydeliveryservice #grocerydeliverywentwrong #instacartgonewrong #ihave17bananas #deluludani #fyp ♬ original sound – dani_mignone

“Something like that just happened to me,” she shares. “And I ordered like this before. Like, it’s obviously not a me mistake. But I ordered three bananas because I only wanted three bananas this week because I always let them go bad, right? This is what I got.”

She then pulls out three bunches of bananas one-by-one while staring dramatically into the camera.

“I literally have 17 bananas,” she marvels. “I’m a single woman. There’s no way I can eat 17 bananas before these go bad. Like, are you kidding me? I wanted three, not three bunches.”

In the comments section, many viewers shared their own Instcart shopper fails.

“I asked for tampons and got a box of bandaids!” one commenter shared. “What kind of substitute is that?”

“This happened to me with 3 bunches of celery this week and my boss with 9 bunches of bananas!! When we selected the individual ITEMS option,” a second said.

“It was a man I can feel it,” another viewer wrote, referencing the issue many TikTokers have observed with male Instacart shoppers offering poor substitutes. “LMAO IT WASS,” @dani_mignone responded.

Other commenters recommended fixes and workarounds.

“Always write it in the notes or even message ur shopper as soon as you see them pick up ur batch so u both win,” one viewer advised.

“You can write in specific instructions,” a second suggested. “One time I asked for what I thought was 1 bunch of bananas and I got one banana.”

“Hi, former Instacart shopper here!” another said. “I definitely would have texted you to confirm, however, organic comes in the bunch and there is no way to split it. Due to the plastic that is wrapping them. I myself would have asked you and then ripped the plastic, but just keep this in mind!”

Many even offered the same suggestion for what the TikToker should do now that she had more bananas than she could eat: “Make banana bread.”

The Daily Dot contacted @dani_mignone via TikTok comment and Instacart via email for further information.

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*First Published: Jun 24, 2023, 10:35 am CDT