Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

American Psycho/Peacock

What is the Sigma Face and how do you do it?

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The Sigma Face, inspired by American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale) is a viral TikTok trend of making a specific facial expression indicating your elite status.

Bateman is an actual psychopath in the movie. He’s also a charismatic and compelling dude who is weirdly lionized by a certain demographic of straight white males who think of themselves as “Alpha.”

The Sigma male is a bit different from the Alpha male, being more of a solitary creature. He’s overbearing, confident, and probably very rich. He’s successful and popular, yet makes his own way in the world. He’s a non-conformist everyone wishes they could be and very few people actually are.

Patrick Bateman from American Psycho
American Psycho/Peacock

While there are probably people who unironically aspire to Sigma status, the vast majority of the people online doing the Sigma Face seem to be mocking him, not admiring him.

@filmdiziekrani Orijinal sigma face Christian Bale abimdir #christianbale #sigma #sigmaface #americanpsychomeme #patrickbateman ♬ WORTH NOTHING – Fast & Furious: Drift Tape/Phonk Vol 1 – TWISTED & Fast & Furious: The Fast Saga

How do you do the Sigma Face?

The best way to learn to do the Sigma Face if you’re so inspired is by watching the many, many videos on TikTok and other social media platforms.

It generally looks like someone pursing their lips, nodding lightly, and looking down through their eyelashes—semi-seductive, semi-ridiculous. Make sure to push your eyebrows together, too, for extra nonchalance.

Who created the meme?

The idea of a Sigma man existed before the Sigma Face. Late in 2022, user @argenby posted a sigma face video where he seemed to be sincerely showing how to make the face which has been attributed as the beginning of the trend. It is a step-by-step tutorial so take notes.

@argenby Tutorial to sigma face #sigma ♬ WORTH NOTHING – Fast & Furious: Drift Tape/Phonk Vol 1 – TWISTED & Fast & Furious: The Fast Saga

What is the Sigma Girl face?

sigma girl face tiktok

The Sigma Face is not just for men. TikToker @greapaxcherri pushed for gender equity in the Sigma world with her own viral video and it’s picked up a lot of steam.

Fans seem to enjoy seeing a woman take on the role of the dominant and manipulative personality under a cool facade. In one of her more popular videos, she shows viewers what to do when a man is messing with your peace—lock him out and mug to the camera.

@greapaxcherri Sigma Girl #sigma #sigmagirl #fyp ♬ GigaChad Theme – Phonk House Version – g3ox_em

What’s the Sigma Face TikTok trend?

As TikTok users jumped on an opportunity to make funny faces online, the line between pretending to make fun of the Sigmas and joining in with them has become blurrier and blurrier. Luckily, with your eyes almost shut you can’t see the difference. Here are some the most Sigma-excellent examples:

@newtonistark #sigma #sigmaface #viral #ebit #argendy #foryou #fyp ♬ оригинальный звук – Sigma
@kalussx Chad female ?!?? #sigma #sigmafemale #chad #chadfemale #meme #funny #viral #popular ♬ original sound – Kaluss

Who made the face the best? 😂

♬ WORTH NOTHING – Fast & Furious: Drift Tape/Phonk Vol 1 – TWISTED & Fast & Furious: The Fast Saga
@theloganchitwood Now you can be sigma too 😮‍💨 #sigma #tutorial ♬ оригинальный звук – SASHKO 🕊️🔱

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