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What does Pookie mean? The internet’s new favorite term of endearment

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What does Pookie mean? The term of endearment has been popping up all over social media in recent months. Thanks to a few online creators, the pet term has quickly become an internet favorite. Whether you’re talking about something adorable, your pet, or that special someone, it’s easy to see why Pookie is gaining popularity.

What is the meaning of Pookie?

Pookie’s meaning stems from a German term of endearment for children. Its first emergence in pop culture appeared to be in the late 1970s, when beloved comic-book cat Garfield introduced his beloved teddy bear, Pooky. It helped introduce the monicker to a whole new audience who embraced the affectionate term. Since Pookie was a bear, it may have played a part in the origin of Pookie Bear as a nickname.

The origin of Pookie online seems to have started with TikToker Prayag Mishra, who refers to himself as “Big Pookie.” His bio reads, “Big Pookie of Pookie Nation,” and calls his fans “the Pookie Bears.” Other social media users have used the term, but he’s stuck with it consistently in recent years.

Using ‘Pookie’ in conversation

There are a few different ways you can use Pookie in conversation. Pookie, as a term of endearment, is used just the way any other pet name might be.

It goes beyond just “Pookie,” too. Terms close to “Pookie,” are also trending. From “Pookie Bear” to “Pookie Wookie,” people are getting the most out of this pet name.

Some people are also using “Pookie” interchangeably with “cute” or “adorable.” It’s not unusual for someone in a fandom to post a favorite character on social media. writing “He’s so pookie,” celebrating their precious nature.

Why is everyone saying Pookie Bear?

The rise in “Pookie Bear” comes from TikTokers Campbell and Jett Puckett. The couple documents their sweet relationship and trendy lifestyle on Instagram. Their outfit of the day videos together propelled them to viral fame, with Jett fawning over Campbell, who he calls Pookie, or Pookie Bear.

While some felt that the syrupy-sweet dynamic between the southern couple was put on for an audience, the Pucketts have said that isn’t the case.

“People are attracted to our authentic love. We don’t act. I’m obsessed with my wife and I’ve been calling her Pookie for years,” Jett told The Cut. Their fans, who have taken to calling Campbell Pookie as well, agree that it’s authentic and are happy their love is the real deal.

Meme examples

Jecki Lon from 'The Acolyte' in a sweet with the caption 'Jecki Lon is clocking in to her shift 15 minutes early every day to the Pookie Pie Padawan factory #TheAcolyte'
In Body Image
Oprah Winfrey screams in a reaction GIF in a tweet with the caption 'WAIT MY POOKIE BEAR IS BACK'
Dog has war flashbacks in meme captioned 'Some guy called me pookie b ear on this wesite. I don't know, am I supposed to be flattered?'
@GrimNemo / IMGFLIP
Husky with a smile with the caption 'me when pookie responds after reloading page for the 700, 128, 109th time'
In Body Image
@.clawedpawz if my pookie sees this, me and him should totally facetime 😻🥰 | #fyp #foryou #famous #funny #pookie ♬ original sound – ྀིྀི

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