Lego batman over background of pieces 32557

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Lego Piece 32557

“I showed you my LEGO piece 32557 please respond”


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Lego Piece 32557 is a phallic-shaped Lego connector, what Lego calls a “Pin Connector Hook Double 3L” but which internet users often use to troll each other by saying “don’t Google Lego piece 32557.”

Each Lego piece comes with its own numeric code so that the most serious of Lego builders can find (or often, replace) that one piece they need to complete their construction. This can come in handy whether you’re into big builds, or if you’re just placing something damaged in a beloved set.

Don’t look up Lego piece 32557

Close up of hand holding Lego Piece 32557

The meme behind this particular Lego piece is based on classic reverse psychology. Giving the concept the search engine treatment, trolls and brickbuilders alike are drawing attention to 32557.

By telling someone not to look up the obscure Lego piece, it almost guarantees they’ll do just that. When they do, most are surprised by the phallic result.

Lego piece 32557 meme origin

Reddit user u/beennr was the first person to note what the Lego piece looks like in the subreddit r/mildlypenis. Since then, it’s gained popularity on Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch streams, and more as a funny way to catch someone off guard.

Since then, brick builders of all skill levels have paid more attention to every piece and detail. As a result, a few others have gone viral.

Much like 32557, Lego piece 98989 has been called out for its very particular shape. Piece 26047 was also noted for looking like an Among Us imposter.

Lego piece 32557 memes

Tweet that reads 'she turns my lego piece 32557 into a lego piece 98989'
Tweet that reads 'don't google lego piece 32557' over and over.
Tweet that reads 'what instantly ruins a burger? lego piece number 32557'
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