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Why is a hot dog called a glizzy?

It’s all glizzy? Always has been.


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Glizzy is slang for hot dog, though the term has its roots in rap culture where it referred to a “glock,” probably because hot dogs are similar in length to the extended clip of a Glock handgun.

It has expanded its usage in a quest to erase the term “weiner” from our vocabulary over the last few years. 

Around 2020, the term grew as a TikTok trend, but its roots in Washington DC extend further back, with DC rapper Shy Glizzy doing a large share of the spread. 

So how did this doggie development happen?

When did “glizzy” become slang for hot dog?

The specific origin of the hot dog term “glizzy” is unknown, however, the first wide reference to “glizzy” as a hot dog came from YouTuber Azel Prather in late 2016.  

The DC rapper is best known for his 2014 hit “Awesome,” as well as, and this is true, his love of hot dogs, which earned him the nickname Glizzy Gladiator.  

Then in 2019, Twitter user @vashti_adena posted the below, further cementing the connection in people’s minds. 

The li’l “glizzy” that could was well on its way to our hearts and mouths. But its true moment in the sun had yet to come. 

Glizzy overdrive meme

Jason Reborn is a TikToker and NPC streamer. He also plays a character called the Glizzbot, who, having received 100 “hot dogs,” over a TikTok Live, proclaimed his intention to enter “glizzy overdrive.”

What occurred then was the stuff of legend, as Reborn pretended to eat the dogs in quick succession, accompanied by typically suggestive poses. (The original account appears to be gone, but you get the idea below.)

@ollyandlalo @jason.reborn is the goat 🤣 #glizzbot #ai #npc #viral #meme #fyp ♬ original sound – Lalo’s

The post went viral in August 2023, when posted on Twitter by Everything Out of Context, giving further life to the “glizzy” phenomenon. 

Further Reborn “glizzy overdrive” clips soon followed, which only caused the wildfire to spread ever more rapidly.

In the wild

In Body Image
In Body Image
In Body Image

Like robot food deliveries, there’s no denying the prominence the term has now gained in the world around us once you’ve become aware of it. More than likely, you’ve experienced an example of the “glizzy gobbler” craze, a term that extends far beyond Shy Glizzy. 

Some may have even taken the concept to its extremes. 

@gennabradley5 ♬ original sound – Genna Bradley
@weest what did i do man :( #streamer #glizzygobler ♬ original sound – Weest

But regardless of the relative sexuality latent to the “gobbler” phenomenon, the term on its own has wormed its way into context as innocent as an ad at freaking IKEA! 

@shushery I mean that’s a pretty good deal for a hot dog 🌭 #hotdog #IKEA #Swedish #glizzy #fyp ♬ original sound – Slumped

I have to admit, “$39 for 78 hot dogs” is the kind of deal you just don’t find these days. 

So that’s the basic overview of the “glizzy” craze. Now, you can proudly attend your summer barbecues without the fear of calling hot dogs “hot dogs” and looking like a damn dinosaur. Want some “pasteurized mustard seed” on that, gramps? You’re welcome. 

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