bogos binted

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Bogos Binted

Bogos stay binted.


Angela Andaloro


Bogos Binted is a phrase from a classic screenshotted iPhone text message conversation that first went viral on Tumblr. In this conversation, one person asks the other, “Hey, just wondering if you got your photos printed?” and they respond with “bogos binted?,” followed by an alien face emoji when the original texter simply says “What.”

The silly exchange is quite simple—so much so that many people have searched for deeper meaning in it. Though it may not seem like much, it has inspired countless memes and many laughs.

text exchange where one person asks 'Hey, just wondering i fyou got your photos printed?' to which the other replies, 'bogo binted?' and following with an alien emoji

Bogos Binted origins

The screenshot at the heart of this meme first appeared on Tumblr in March 2018. It was then the person first to utter “bogos binted” realized that the screenshot had made it online the year prior. @itwashotwestayedinthewater noted that the texts were between her and her brother from 2016 and that she hadn’t realized it was theirs until seeing it online several times.

original bogos binted claimed

Those who love a pure nonsense meme were even more endeared to it knowing that it was an exchange between siblings. There’s a sincere appreciation for the absurdity. As the phrase proved its catchiness, it was brought into other meme formats that were popular on Tumblr then.

Meme makers appreciated the versatility of the phase. It can read as mocking, cute mispronunciation, suspicious or playful disappearance, or utter gibberish. No matter which way you take it, it has its humor value and makes for many different ways to make people laugh.

bogos binted death grips meme

Revival of bogos binted

Bogos binted memes have never stopped being used across the internet since their introduction. Now, the phrase and the memes have enjoyed a new life, with a voiceover of the exchange turned into a TikTok sound.


The phrase also became a title achievement in a Roblox game. With aliens having such a moment, so too are alien transformations, with bogos binted.

That’s not the only other form that the meme has taken. It’s even the title of a SoundCloud song or two as people revel in the silly phrase.

Bogos Binted Meme Examples

bogos binted meme reversed with alien
bogos binted tweet that reads 'serial killer stalking through my house: bogos binted? me, hiding in the cabinet, unable to control my laughter: *gets stabbed to death*'
cats reenact bogos binted meme
bogos binted meme
bogos binted deltarune remake
bogos binted with an alien-shaped bottle
bogos binted remake

different aliens bogos binted
bogos binted meme with plush alien stuffed animal in car

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