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Jimmy Kimmel imagines what’s going on in Sean Spicer’s head after his Hitler comments

‘Did I just defend Hitler?’


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Press Secretary Sean Spicer sparked outrage Tuesday by inaccurately stating that Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons during World War II while discussing Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, and Jimmy Kimmel is having a ball picturing Spicer’s inner realization of what he did.

The original clip—and Spicer’s attempt to clarify what he just said—are uncomfortable to watch and immediately went viral; some have called for his firing. And while Spicer digs himself into a bigger hole, the voice in his head is all too aware of how bad it looks.

“At press secretary school, the one rule was ‘never defend Hitler,’” the voice said.

Although Kimmel’s depiction of Spicer showed him immediately beating himself up for defending Hitler, Spicer issued four clarifications of what he said before publicly apologizing on CNN. It led to CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer asking Spicer why he brought Hitler up in the first place.

Good question.

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