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Series of TikToks show ‘Mimosa Karen’ having a meltdown in an airport

She insisted it was 'illegal' she was being kept from boarding her flight.


Rachel Kiley

Internet Culture

Published Nov 25, 2021   Updated Nov 25, 2021, 12:06 pm CST

A series of viral TikToks show a woman dubbed “Mimosa Karen” throwing a fit and screaming at people inside an airport.

TikToker @cinco_suave was there to capture the latest in a long line of airport “Karens” causing drama at the terminal

The first of a series of videos he posted picks up where a would-be passenger, referred to as “Mimosa Karen” by the TikToker, is already yelling at the gate agent and filming her, demanding that she “say it again.” The impetus for this leg of drama was that the airline employee allegedly cursed at the woman, although it sounds as if there was something else that led to that point.

The employees tried their best to diffuse the situation and get the screaming woman to calm down until security showed up, but they weren’t particularly successful.

“Mimosa Karen” was later filmed demanding one gate agent’s employee number from anyone who would listen, then demanding the employee numbers of anyone who tried to talk to her.

“Is everyone seeing that I’m asking for her employee number and no one is giving it to me?” the woman yells at everyone waiting for their flights nearby and watching the drama unfold.

Things kick up a notch in the final video, at which point this latest airport “Karen” is surrounded by several uniformed officers. Rather than taking that as a warning sign that she should calm down, she continues ranting and screaming.

“How many times do I have to say ‘fuck you’ to all of you before you say, yeah I didn’t actually do anything illegal?” she asks. “I’ve done nothing wrong.”

She belligerently continues to argue with the cops, who have been patient with her so far.

“My mom has cancer. I went to a wedding last night. Yes. Okay. There’s nothing—nothing I have done is illegal. It’s actually kind of illegal that you’re not letting me board this fucking plane,” she says. “And I don’t care if I’m making a scene.”

It’s the next moment, where she points towards the the gate and loudly calls the original agent she was arguing with a “cunt,” that prompts the officers to finally put her into handcuffs.

“Get her out of here, she’s drunk,” someone off-camera calls out. Not long after, the officers lead her away to cheers and applause from those who sat through the whole thing.

Viewers accustomed to videos of Karens acting out were glad to see this one actually had a proper ending.

“Well if it isn’t the consequences of her own actions,” @xobeckyg7 laughed.

“Denied boarding and going away in cuffs…perfect ending,” agreed @idontthinkso_tim.

One viewer did wonder why it takes “so long to arrest Karens,” noting that “they’re allowed to have an entire monologue before they finally get hauled away.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @cinco_suave to learn more.

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*First Published: Nov 25, 2021, 12:05 pm CST