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5 last-minute gift ideas people actually want

Put the quirky socks down, please. That scarf can go, too.


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Gift cards used to be considered a cop-out gift, but recently, more and more people are realizing the pure joy and magic they get to unwrap with every gift card. It’s like uncovering a portal that fast-tracks them directly to the checkout line with exactly what they most want in hand. 

Even though we’re all grateful to receive a gift card, Mastercard and Visa gift cards can still seem rather impersonal. So we understand your skepticism towards gifting them. However, this is the year 2019, and whether you realize it or not, you have more options than just those two classics. makes it easy to send both physical (plastic) and eGift cards for all of your loved ones’ most-shopped stores and destinations. So in the ever-so-tweaked words of Ariana Grande, “ [they] want it, [they] got it!”  


What are eGift cards?

Instead of having to go to the store to purchase generic prepaid gift cards or hope that the physical card you ordered shows up in time, eGift cards allow you to do everything online (including card personalization!). And since you’re sending your gift via the internet, you’ll help make the world a greener place and won’t need to pay for pricey postage. All you need is the giftee’s email address.

The only difference between a physical gift card and an eGift card is the plastic format. Physical and eGift gift cards can be used anywhere (unless specified otherwise). knows that everyone has a preferred method of gifting, so they offer versions of both options on site. 

How does work? allows shoppers to choose from hundreds of popular brands, even ones you might not think of gifting (like Delta and Airbnb). Once you’ve decided on the brand, you can choose how you want to send it: virtually as an eGift card, or mailing a physical gift card via USPS. Choose how much you want to load it with, and then comes the fun part: customizing the gift! Personalize the card with a cute photo or choose from one of the unique pre-designed themes. Add a note, and then it’s off to be gifted!

The best last-minute gift ideas anyone would love

1) Avoid getting them a game they already own with a GameStop gift card

last minute gift ideas

No matter what gamers like to play, a GameStop gift card will keep them up to date on the latest accessory, game, and console releases without burning a hole in their bank account. And when it comes to video games, budgeting is a whole lot easier said than done–especially during the holidays (which is essentially the unofficial new game release season). And if you’re not sure whether or not there’s a GameStop nearby, don’t worry–this card can be used online too! Or if you’re certain they have a Nintendo Switch, you can confidently e-gift them a Nintendo eShop Card.


2) Make the mean-ager smile with a Happy Teen gift card

A lot has changed since we were teens, except for the mall acting as the unspoken headquarters for high schoolers. So instead of gifting them a card that they can only use at one of their most-shopped stops, get them one they can use at all of their favorite places! Enter the Happy Teen gift card, valid in-store at these fine retailers: Sephora, Barnes & Noble, Jamba Juice, Dave & Buster’s, American Eagle, Regal Cinemas, and Under Armour. 


3) Entertain them with a show and a StubHub gift card

Whether it’s a concert, the theater, or the big game, good seats don’t come cheap. Help ease the burden (or if you can afford to be a Big Spender, load it with a couple of Benjamins) with a StubHub gift card that can be used towards their choice of entertainment. 


4) Give ‘em a run for your money with a Nike gift card

last minute gift ideas

Got a college or high school athlete on your list? What about a gym rat or a sports bro? It’s safe to assume they could use a new set of running sneakers, jersey, or workout clothes. Take it from an active person: sweat stains smell, man, and that ain’t cute! Gift them a Nike gift card and let them replace their dingy gear with their pick of athletic brands–valid in-store and online at,,, or at any Nike and Converse US retail locations.


5) Free up some of their hard-earned cash with a Netflix gift card

Compared to monthly cable bills, Netflix is pretty affordable–but all those months do add up! So instead of gifting them a card for a store that you’re not even sure they shop at, why not pre-pay one of their most-used monthly subscriptions with a Netflix gift card? It’s super easy for them to add credits to their account and once they do, they’ll automatically free up money to spend on whatever they desire. Talk about the ultimate twofer! 


For more unique, last-minute gift ideas make sure to check out all has to offer.


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