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These robotic ‘Star Wars’ vacuums will bring order to a messy universe

Your own personal Death Star for dirt.


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Posted on Oct 10, 2017   Updated on May 22, 2021, 2:49 pm CDT

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Keeping your home clean is hard, especially if you have a roommate who’s always shedding. Don’t let dirt get too cocky. Stamp it out the way the Empire stamps out rebel scum.

Unlike lesser vacuum droids, the Star Wars POWERbot annihilates dirt with the precision of a bounty hunter. Edge Clean Master technology extends to capture all debris hiding in hard to reach corners.

The Visionary Mapping™ Plus System and FullView Sensor™ 2.0 make POWERbot navigate even better than the Millennium Falcon, clearing paths and avoiding obstacles. But because it’s equipped with EasyPass Wheels, no obstacle will slow it down when it’s on the march.

Plus, it’s 20 times stronger than the conventional model, ensuring the precision demanded from picky Sith Lords. CycloneForce technology allows for consistent power , so your bot won’t need constant attention. Once it’s charged, POWERbot cleans up to 60 minutes, making thorough work of the harshest messes. And in case you have to go patrol the Outer Rim, it lets you program in cleaning times when you’re away.

The coolest function? POWERbot’s sound effects are quotes straight out of Star Wars. Both Vader and Stormtrooper POWERbots spout out iconic sounds for every one of POWERbot’s functions.

Hear the flash of a lightsaber anytime Darth Vader POWERbot powers on. Turn on Turbo mode and Darth Vader encourages you with, “You are powerful.” Once repeated clean mode is set, Vader proudly proclaims “There will be no one to stop us now.”

It gets better. Start up spot clean mode and hear Vader’s iconic breathing. And like Vader, POWERbot occasionally needs to plug in to charge. As POWERbot returns to its charger, you’ll hear the Imperial March.

Stormtrooper POWERbot looks a little less menacing, but equally nasty when it comes to dealing with dirt. Start it up and hear an emphatic “Let’s go” along with the main Star Wars Theme. Stormtroopers are thorough, after all, so you can trust this one to get the job done – it’ll even tell you “Don’t worry about it” as it spot cleans. And anytime the POWERbot stops, Stormtrooper shouts “Freeze,” letting all dirt know it’s terrible fate.

Make all messes feel the power of the POWERbot. Samsung Star Wars limited edition POWERbots are available starting at $699.99.

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*First Published: Oct 10, 2017, 9:03 am CDT