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PatchMD is the most millennial way to get your daily vitamins

Stop swallowing those jagged little pills.


Jaime Carrillo

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Presented by PatchMD

There’s no reason for you to take your daily vitamins the way grandpa did. Swallowing pills the size of golf balls is wholly unpleasant, but for decades its been the only way to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. There’s a better solution called PatchMD, and we’ve even got a discount for you. Use code DAILYDOT25 at checkout and get 25% off sitewide. 

PatchMD is the alternative to shoving massive capsules down your throat, chasing them with water and praying you don’t choke. Instead of a pill, PatchMD offers topical vitamin patches. They stick to your skin and deliver the necessary nutrients to the body within minutes. After eight hours, simply remove and repeat with a new patch as needed. 

No, it’s not weird hippie hokum or snake oil magic. These patches rely on the concept of transdermal absorption. Transdermal is an SAT word that simply means “through the skin.” It’s a means of delivering nutritional supplementation through your bloodstream.

Sure, the throat is a great delivery system for vitamins in pill form. But what you may not know is pills are typically packed with fillers and binders that can affect your digestive system. Not to mention the amount of active ingredients your body actually absorbs from any given pill is about 10%.

Because PatchMD is absorbed through the skin, it contents go nowhere near your digestive system. This means you’ll get your daily dose while keeping your liver, kidneys, and sensitive tummy in check. Not to mention, transdermal patches let you absorb as much as 60-70% of the active ingredient, so you’re getting far more bang for your vitamin buck. And because patches are low profile by definition, you won’t have to fill up entire shelves with those massive bottles you get from Costco. Say goodbye to the very concept of a medicine cabinet.

Best of all, PatchMD offers a wide range of options. Its Patch Plan line curates all your favorite vitamins and supplements for whatever your needs may be.

If the July heat is sucking the energy out of your system, try the Summer Plan. You’ll get a 30 day supply of Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss, B12 for energy, and a multivitamin to give your body everything you need to have fun in the sun.

If you prefer your vitamins a la carte, you can buy individual patch packs. There are countless blends offered, all curated to suit your special needs. The Sleep Starter patch contains magnesium, hops, and melatonin to help lull you into a totally restful sleep. If you’re hitting the gym five times a week to make gains, Endurance Max patches not only give you the energy to lift but help with recovery. There’s even a Hangover Prevention patch. Slap it on one hour before drinking and you’re set. No more chugging Pedialyte for you!

Whether you go the pack route or buy your patches as needed, prices start as low as $19.99, so you won’t be dropping an entire paycheck on this space-age vitamin delivery system. And for a limited time, use code DAILYDOT25 at checkout and get 25% off sitewide. 


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