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Dragon Ball Z Monopoly will make you go Super Saiyan on your friends

Shut up and take my Zeni!


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Posted on May 9, 2019   Updated on Sep 27, 2021, 10:36 pm CDT

Presented by USAopoly

Shut up and take my Zeni! Monopoly and Dragon Ball Z did a little Fusion Dance and the result is an officially licensed board game. Dragon Ball Z Monopoly is created by USAopoly and while traditional Monopoly players might be familiar with investing in property, the goal with the Dragon Ball Z version is to collect fighters from the series.

Each space on the board represents a different Dragon Ball Z character. The “Property Values” of the person are priced the same as the original game.

In addition to recruiting people, you can acquire Kame Houses and Hyperbolic Time Chambers in replacement of Houses and Hotels. These will boost your income. Instead of Railroad spaces, more familiar modes of transportation are up for grabs: Goku’s Car, the Capsule Corp. Ship, Flying Nimbus, and Trunk’s Time Machine.

Rather than spending cold, hard, Monopoly cash, the currency is Zeni, just as it’s used in the Dragon World. Printed on each colorful bill is the amount and Shenron. You can’t summon him with 500 Zeni, but you can buy some Senzu beans and Jimmy Firecracker!

You won’t find any thimbles or irons in this game. Choose from seven pewter Tokens inspired by the series, including Trunk’s Sword, DynoCap, Dragon Radar, Saiyan Armor, Turtle Shell, and a 4-star Dragon Ball. The ThinkGeek edition also comes exclusively with Hercule’s Champion Belt Token.

Considering how small these tokens are, the detailing on each piece is very impressive. They’re a hefty quality…just don’t drop one on your foot, or you might go Super Saiyan and flip the table. Of course, you are still playing Monopoly, so that may have been how the game would end anyway.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of Monopoly, the look and feel makes it a colorful collector’s item for aspiring Z fighters that will certainly stand out among your board game library.

Even the box itself (shown in the first image) is a sturdy, high-quality material. And since it’s what’s on the inside that counts, we also really appreciate the built-in inserts that keep the game pieces organized and less prone to getting lost.

The game is on sale for $36.63 (regularly $39.95) Gameplay ranges from 60-180 minutes, and there’s a speedier version outlined if you don’t want to sit through three episodes to start fighting. Prepare to reach full form.


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*First Published: May 9, 2019, 8:00 am CDT