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Get exactly what your valentine wants on 1-800-Flowers

Go beyond the box of chocolates.


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Posted on Jan 28, 2019   Updated on Jan 18, 2022, 8:13 am CST

Presented by 1-800-Flowers

Don’t wait until the last minute again when it comes to keeping your valentine happy. 1-800-Flowers has plenty of options to warm any heart come Valentine’s Day.

Planning ahead will help you avert all the usual Valentine’s Day disasters you’re probably used to. Don’t run to the nearest drug store during rush hour just to buy a crummy box of chocolates, wilted roses, and a teddy bear that’s been on the shelves since the Carter administration. Our sweethearts deserve better than that!

1-800-Flowers sells some of the freshest floral arrangements, delivered right to your door all in time for the holiday of love. Best of all, you can order some of these as late as February 14th! (but we suggest you plan ahead).

Don’t miss out: 1-800-Flowers Valentines Day Sale

This year, sweeten the deal by taking advantage of two big sales on 1-800-Flowers. Save up to 40% off on these select bouquets and unlock your partners smile while saving big.

1) Key to My Heart Bouquet, “The Floral Showstopper”

If ever there was an arrangement made for royalty, the Key to My Heart Bouquet would be it. Red and pink roses, pink Asiatic lilies and Peruvian lilies, baby’s breath, spiral eucalyptus, and assorted greenery showcase the colors, sights, and most of all, aromas of the season.

All these flowers are hand-arranged inside an elegant ruby-red diamond vase designed to enhance the beauty of every bloom. It’s so striking it doesn’t even need a card to go with it. It’s available in small to extra large sizes and prices to fit any budget.

Price: $59.99-$89.99 get 25% off by using the LOVEEARLY discount code at checkout

2) Two Dozen Romantic Red Roses, “The Classic Valentine Standby”

If you’re wondering what your Valentine wants, don’t go straining your grey cells. You can’t beat a bouquet of roses. Each rose is picked fresh from premier farms around the world and is nursed like a baby to ensure they arrive as fresh as possible to your door.

Make the bouquet even more striking with optional add-ons like the Prism Vase and a box of Harry London chocolates in a heart-shaped box.

Price: $38.49-$76.29 saving 30% off with the Plan Ahead sale

3) Sweet Succulent Hear Garden, “The Desert Diamonds”

Sometimes, you want to give your beloved a gift as long-lasting as your love for each other. This collection of succulents lasts for ages and can even thrive indoors in a little indirect sunlight. It even comes with a care kit so your valentine can keep these succulents going even if they don’t exactly have a green thumb. The box these succulents come in doubles as a striking planter, adding a smack of vibrancy to any room they bloom in. Comes in small, medium, and large options.

Price: $44.99-$58.49 saving 10% off with the Plan Ahead sale

4) Monkey Love Plush with Chocolate, “The Amorous Accessory”

Struggling with how to walk between the cute and romantic line this Valentines Day? A loveable, cuddly monkey with chocolates from 1-800-flowers might be the exact thing you’re looking for. Every time your valentine give this soft plush a cuddle, they’ll be reminded of the love between you two. It’s a cute addition to any bedroom collection, and perfect for your sweet Valentines Day.

Price: $80.00 with email discount code at checkout

5) Azalea Bonsai, “A True Representation of Love”

There’s nothing wrong with a flower bouquet when it comes to making your valentine happy, but are flowers true representations of your love? While they look stunning and smell sweet for a couple of days, they quickly fade and wither. This Valentines Day, lean on 1-800-flowers and give your sweetheart a true representation of your love with this gorgeous Azalea Bonsai.

While this plant requires a considerable bit of work, its rewards are many. Reaping its benefits year in and year out will remind you of the solid love you and your partner share.

Price: $35.09 – $83.99 with email discount code at checkout

6) Sending Hugs and Kisses, “An Edible Masterpiece”

If your significannt other works a day job at a desk, they’ll be the envy of any office once this bad bouqet rolls in. Stuffed with vibrant fruits and chocolate covered treats, this is a bouqet you’ll want to share. Ripe sliced oranges, plump grapes, and red strawberries are just begging to be picked.

Give the gift of feeling satisfied in more ways than one this Valentines Day. Trust 1-800-flowers to deliver the edible bouquet that will have everyone salivating.

Price: $53.99 – $63.99 with email discount code at checkout

7) Message In A Bottle, “For The Romance Novel Romantic”

Does your special someone cry as soon as the intro to “The Notebook” start playing? Do they have shelves full of romance novels and a box of kleenex by their bedside at all times? If you answered yes to any of these, you might be in love with a hopeless romantic. On the off chance that you already knew that, you’ve probably already thought about straying from the obvioud floral path this Valentines Day.

Instead of investing in a fleeting display of affection, appeal to your lovers romantic side with a personalized message in a bottle and acconpanying chocolates. With three different message options, you can pick the one your partner will swoon at most and have it delivered wherever they will be.

Price: $31.99 – $39.99 with email discount code at checkout

8) Classic Budding Rose, “For The Gardener At Heart”

This bouquet looks like its been shipped straight from a meticulously cared for rose garden. The buds are beautifully open, and its leaves are just as elegant as its buds. Paired with a rose scented Yankee Candle and Glycerine Hand Therapy hand cream, its the perfect pampering Valentines Day package delivered to your dor from 1-800-flowers.

Price: $27.99 – $54.99 saving 20% off with the Plan Ahead sale

9) Sweet Heart Bamboo, “Low-Maintenance High Style”

Want to give your partner a gift that will last and requires minimal upkeep this Valentines Day? 1-800-flowers has got the perfect gift for you. The Sweet Heart Bamboo package with a panda plush and chocolate box will blow your partner away.

Six perfect bamboo plants come together to form three symetrical hearts in a glass pot filled with polished stones. A soft mini panda plush holding a cute heart and a box of delicious chocolates are there for your partners instant gratification while they take care of their forever plant.

Price: $31.99 – $71.99 with email discount code at checkout

10) Magnificent Roses, “Timeless Beauty”

For rose lovers that hate the classic flower’s shelf life, comes this timeless gift from 1-800-flowers. Nine perfect roses have been individually picked and pereseved in a beautiful acrylic box for a long-lasting display life. Avaliable in lavender, pink, and red, there’s an arrangement for every flower lover. As an extra surprise, a case underneath the roses pulls out, stuffed with decadent Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Price: $120 with email discount code at checkout

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*First Published: Jan 28, 2019, 1:29 pm CST