Google Fit will get you into shape and Project Tango will destroy your diet

One to whip you into shape, and one for binge-snacking. It's the perfect plan. 


Mike Wehner


Published Jun 26, 2014   Updated May 31, 2021, 1:44 am CDT

Yesterday at Google I/O, the company showed off the future of Android software. Though it’s a bit too early to declare just how it’ll pan out, there are definitely a few things to get excited about. Two of the more interesting tidbits are Google Fit and Project Tango, one of which will help you lose weight while the other could help you gain it back!

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Google Fit, as you likely assumed, is a software platform designed for exercise. The software will help app developers utilize the smart sensors on wearables like smartwatches and fitness bands and crunch important fitness metrics to provide readings on overall health. A whole bunch of partners are already on board with the program, including Nike, Adidas, Motorola, and HTC.

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Which is fantastic… unless you also want to use Google’s Project Tango and its hyper-accurate 3D mapping technology. Project Tack can, and will, help you find exactly where the local supermarket is hoarding its chocolate ice cream.

Partnering up with the store-mapping technology of Aisle411, Google will bring augmented reality shopping to Walgreens. Bringing a Project Tango-equipped device (like, possibly, that same thing you’re using to track your burned calories) along for your shopping adventure will give you the ability to get directions to any item in the store. And if you point its camera down the aisle, you might even see special deals literally leap from the shelves. This will be particularly handy when you’re searching for the cheapest bag of post-workout extra cheese popcorn or a buy-one-get-one offer on Snickers. Just look at this fatty from Aisle411’s explainer video


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So, once Google Fit puts you through the ringer, you can stop by your local Walgreens, type “chocolate everything” into the search bar, and go on a candy safari. And then you’ll wake up the next day determined to put yourself through the ringer, with Google Fit urging you on. Which you will undo once again with a quick, Project Tango-fueled run to Walgreens.

If you don’t understand why this is so evil, allow this 30 Rock clip to explain: 

On and on the cycle will go. We’re on to you, Google. 

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Photo via LG


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*First Published: Jun 26, 2014, 9:15 am CDT