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Rudy Giuliani denies visit to D.C. is related to FBI director vacancy

“I’m not a candidate for FBI director,” Giuliani told reporters late Tuesday night.


Andrew Wyrich


Rudy Giuliani, an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump, seems to think he won’t be replacing recently fired FBI Director James Comey.

New York Magazine reporter Olivia Nuzzi and the Atlantic’s Rosie Gray spotted the former New York City mayor in the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., late Tuesday night. When asked, Giuliani denied being in town to speak about the newly open position at the FBI.

“I am not. I’m not a candidate for FBI director,” he told them.

Asked what he would say if Trump asked him to take the job, Giuliani said: “The president’s not gonna ask me, and I’m not gonna be FBI director.”

With Trump’s surprise firing on Comey on Tuesday evening, speculation is running wild on who may be tapped to fill the position.

Besides Giuliani—who was in the running for several cabinet positions before being asked to head a cybersecurity group to advise the president—names such as former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Transportation Security Administration official John Pistole, and acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe have been thrown around by various media outlets.

Giuliani played coy when Nuzzi and Gray asked him whether he would be meeting with Trump on Wednesday.

“If I am, I wouldn’t say,” he said.

Let the speculation begin!

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