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A new Chrome extension called ‘Go F*cking Work’ refuses to let you get distracted

It’s harsh, but necessary.


Marisa Kabas


Stop me if this sounds familiar: You open a Google doc to write something for work when—ding!—”Laura liked your Facebook status.” You click over to your Facebook tab, then click on the alert to read Laura’s comment and admire your status once more. “Okay,” you tell yourself, “back to work.” You raise a pointed index finger to begin the first paragraph when—ding!—Bobby sent you an instant message. He just went through a breakup and you should be there for him. So you shift over to your chat client to comfort him, completely ignoring your work task for another 20 minutes. You may be a good friend, but you’re blowing it at work. Luckily, there’s something that can help.

Go Fucking Work is a Chrome extension designed to keep you away from distracting websites and keep your eye on the prize. When you install the extension, you can enter in any sites that you feel distract you on a regular basis, and if you try to visit them, you’ll get yelled at by your browser instead. 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy, and the like can wait until after hours.

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It’s unfair to assume that you work every moment of every work day. Sometimes you need to consume some inane media before getting back in the game. Go Fucking Work allows you to temporarily disable it, but that’s obviously not the fucking point of it. (Sorry.)

The extension’s creator, Alex Lam, is surprised by how his harsh but necessary project has taken off. He writes on Product Hunt:

Fuck. Was not expecting this to blow up!

I was feeling unproductive, so instead of working, I made a website blocker to shout expletives at me. There are tons of blockers out there but none that shouted at me for wasting time.

Hopefully my procrastinating helps you be more productive. Love all the feedback – please keep it coming!

Alright, back to work now. That is, after you share this link on Facebook.

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