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Apple’s October event will be packed with new hardware.

Apple is refreshing its Mac lineup before the holiday buying rush, according to a new report.

Recode, citing unnamed sources, suggests that an Oct. 27 Apple event will focus on new Mac hardware, including a massive upgrade for the MacBook Pro. The new laptop is said to be thinner (shocker!) and feature a tiny secondary display that will replace the keyboard’s line of function keys, in addition to the expected graphics and CPU upgrades. 

There’s also a good chance Apple will spend time talking about the iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, and MacBook Air, all of which are well overdue for an update. In some cases, such as with the Mac Pro, the typical upgrade cycle has completely gone out the window. The Mac Pro typically saw an update at least every two years, but it’s been over three years since the most recent Pro refresh. 

In short, Apple’s got a lot of work to do to bring some excitement back to Mac, so expect lots of big numbers and probably a few jokes about why it’s taken them so long. 

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