Sierra Juarez

Sierra Juarez is a freelance journalist and fact-checker based in Mexico. She most enjoys writing about human rights and politics and working in audience engagement. Her work has appeared in the Texas Tribune, the Austin American–Statesman, and the San Antonio Current.

man getting arrested

10-year-old saw her mom get shot and killed while attending Zoom class

It was her first day of school.

On Aug 12, 2020 by Sierra Juarez

Los Angeles County deputies pointing gun at innocent Black teen

Video shows deputies pointing guns at Black teens who were victims of an attack

‘I’m the one that called you! It was not them!’

On Aug 10, 2020 by Sierra Juarez

jerry falwell jr with pants pulled down with underwear showing

Liberty president to take ‘indefinite leave of absence’ after posting underwear photo

He posted the picture on his Instagram.

On Aug 7, 2020 by Sierra Juarez

Pictures of Karina Irby next to a body shaming message she received

Bikini influencer drags body shamers who comment on her photos

‘FYI Karen. I was born with these skin conditions.’

On Aug 4, 2020 by Sierra Juarez

Homepage article image

Trump calls for schools to reopen—but Barron won’t be attending in-person classes

For months, the president has advocated for reopening the country despite the climbing numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths.

On Aug 3, 2020 by Sierra Juarez

Aubrey Huff and Lebron James

Former MLB player Aubrey Huff badmouthed LeBron James for ‘carrying a purse’

‘Your masculinity sounds pretty fragile dude.’

On Aug 3, 2020 by Sierra Juarez

white woman yelling at Black man for flying drone

Video shows white woman accusing Black man of using drone to film her neighbors

He was hired to take pictures of a house being sold.

On Jul 31, 2020 by Sierra Juarez

David Duke

Twitter permanently bans former KKK leader David Duke

The white supremacist is no longer allowed on Twitter because of his ‘hateful conduct.’

On Jul 31, 2020 by Sierra Juarez

dominos pizza

Domino’s says it’s dropping promotion that gives ‘Karens’ free pizza

People flamed the company online.

On Jul 30, 2020 by Sierra Juarez

Examples of Chinese street fashion

People are completely obsessed with Chinese street style on TikTok

The fits are impeccable.

On Jul 24, 2020 by Sierra Juarez

Karen leaving plane because she's not wearing a mask

Video shows passengers clapping as maskless ‘Karen’ removed from plane

‘You can clap all you want!’

On Jul 24, 2020 by Sierra Juarez

Q covered with bird droppings

Twitter suspends major QAnon accounts in sitewide crackdown

‘We will take strong enforcement action on behavior that has the potential to lead to offline harm.’

On Jul 22, 2020 by Sierra Juarez

Ed Henry

Allegation of rape against Fox News host prompts Twitter conversation about workplace culture

‘How many sexual assault and harassment suits have you settled in the last decade?’

On Jul 20, 2020 by Sierra Juarez

trader joes

Teen’s viral petition about racist packaging at Trader Joe’s prompts action

‘The Trader Joe’s branding is racist because it exoticizes other cultures.’

On Jul 20, 2020 by Sierra Juarez

A 'Karen' screams in a Yogurtland

Video shows ‘Yogurtland Karen’ throwing a fit over masks

‘You look so stupid with your mask on.’

On Jul 20, 2020 by Sierra Juarez

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