white woman yelling at Black man for flying drone

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Video shows white woman accusing Black man of using drone to film her neighbors

He was hired to take pictures of a house being sold.

Jul 31, 2020, 7:49 pm*

Internet Culture

Sierra Juarez 

Sierra Juarez

A viral video shows a white woman yelling at a Black man for taking photos of her neighbor’s house with his drone––even after he explained to her that he was doing it for work.

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Thomas Samuel, who according to Facebook lives in Seattle, was working for the real-estate company Redfin and taking pictures of a house that was on the market. That’s when a woman who lived nearby approached Samuel.

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“Just had this women come at me accusing me of being a criminal and a pervert/creep with my drone bc I was taking pictures of her neighbors house,” Samuel wrote on Facebook with the video. “I was hired and working a job, notified the homeowners that was I was there, and got approval to fly, not to mention I have my FFA Part 107 license to fly drones.”

The video shows the woman yelling at Samuel saying that the drone was coming down on her house.

“So you’re going to come over here cussing and saying that I’m filming women, really? When I’m working for Redfin?” questioned Samuel.

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The woman responded saying she’s going to call Redfin and asks him for his name. He shot back that she doesn’t need to know his name and told her to go back inside. She responded, again, that she’s calling Redfin.

“You are ridiculous. Go home. Go home, Karen,” Samuel said after the woman asked him to describe the type of drone he had. “Because I’m Black you think I’m just out here filming shit.”

She responded “Don’t give me that!” She started to walk back toward her house the whole time denying that she said something to him because he’s Black.

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Samuel posted the video to his Facebook, but it has since been taken down. A version of the video is available on YouTube.

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*First Published: Jul 31, 2020, 7:43 pm