Dana Ysabel Dela Cruz

Dana Ysabel Dela Cruz (they/she) is a Brooklyn-based writer, educator, and grad student at the Pratt Institute School of Information. Their work has appeared in the Santa Barbara Independent, Huffington Post, and AsAmNews.

Oh no I was just giving her my handheld because we're limited on handhelds

‘You think you’re cute? … Let’s see how fast you can do it’: Karen tries to tell bartender how to do her job, calls her a sl*t in viral TikTok

‘Can you repeat that to me? I just want to know you remember.’

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In the Philippines, a new law threatens the livelihoods of pseudonymous content creators

‘Me and so many other people are going to have to quit doing something that makes us and our viewers happy.’

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Woman in three different outfits

‘Wearing a tshirt does not impact your ability to teach’: Student teacher shows outfits that got her dress-coded in viral TikTok

‘What was the reason?’

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'Story time'

‘Same address, same food, same restaurant’: TikToker says DoorDash tried charging different service fees for identical orders

‘I stopped ordering from those apps. The fees are more than food.’

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The baristas are hidden, and this screen tells you when your order is ready

‘A barista’s dream fr’: Viral TikTok shows pickup-only Starbucks, sparking debate

‘I hope this isn’t the future of all stores.’

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Mannequins at Target (L,R) Alexa Demie and Sydney Sweeney in 'Euphoria' (M)

‘Does HBO have Target on payroll?’: TikToker compares clothes at Target to ‘Euphoria’ outfits, sparking debate

‘That’s called Target doing their market research.’

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'Disney stole my work' (L) Disney Enchanted Tiki Room sculpture (M) 3D printed model for Tiki Sculpture (R)

‘I really hope they compensate you’: Sculptor claims Disney stole his figurine design in viral TikTok

‘Disney is in the wrong.’

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'When you get seated in the poc section again iykyk'

‘It was pretty obvious’: TikToker says she was seated in the ‘POC section’ of restaurant, sparking debate

‘I work in a restaurant and they do this.’

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'Am I the only one that didn't realise Sims had a pay gap'

‘It’s called life simulation for a reason’: TikToker shows apparent gender pay gap between her Sims characters

Viewers pointed out it may have been a result of her game settings.

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Mysterious-looking Dorito with caption 'now what is that'

‘I’m never eating anything ever again’: TikToker finds misshapen mass in Doritos bag

‘Now what is that…’

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'Be Colorblind' stickers

‘This went through multiple people’: Worker shows ‘Be Colorblind’ stickers sold at Dollar Tree in viral TikTok, sparking debate

‘At this point, you don’t get to just claim ignorance.’

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“We thought we were taking a video of a countdown to opening on Postmates but the numbers were going the wrong way.'

‘This is physically painful to watch’: Viral TikTok shows restaurant’s Postmates orders piling up before opening

‘Restaurant workers know this struggle.’

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'You don't belong here,' 'SIUE Protects Racist'

‘Unfair and unjust’: Students protested alleged racist harassment in viral TikTok—now police claim victim made false report

‘Stop expecting Black and brown students to take your word for it when you have a history of not protecting us.’

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Lowe's customer makes racist comments, Lowe's employee scolds the filmer

‘You’re being hostile’: Lowe’s worker accused of ‘gaslighting’ Asian woman subjected to racist remarks by white customer (updated)

‘The worst part is that no one stepped in to help this woman.’

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I normally only buy black and this is one of the many reason why

‘I’m the only Black person in the store’: Viral TikTok shows Asian cashier checking Black shopper’s pockets

‘I normally only buy black and this is one of the many reasons why.’

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