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mitch mcconnell Mitch McConnell isn't sure Donald Trump is qualified to be president
The Senate majority leader was oddly quiet about Trump's qualifications.
marco rubio Marco Rubio says Trump's mass deportations and Muslim ban won't happen
Florida senator and former presidential candidate Marco Rubio doesn't believe Donald Trump will follow through on his campaign proposals.
eu wrinkled flag The top six plot twists in British politics after the Brexit referendum
The prime minister resigned, the main political parties are in chaos, and Scotland and Ireland are pushing for independence.
aziz ansari Aziz Ansari pens powerful op-ed on Trump, anti-Muslim bigotry, and his fears for his family
The 'Master of None' creator took to the New York Times to speak out.
image of a lgbt flag Florida assistant state attorney officially fired over Orlando shooting remarks
Kenneth Lewis has a social media problem.