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All sizes | Trayvon_Martin_Occupy March 21 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Celebs, activists honor Trayvon Martin on his 21st birthday
Twitter users posted photos and sentiments celebrating life.
illustration of isis flag Twitter suspends 125,000 terrorist-linked accounts in fight against ISIS
'We condemn the use of Twitter to promote terrorism.'
image of julian assange Here's what the UN's ruling on Julian Assange means
The United Nations says he shouldn't be detained. That doesn't mean he's about to go anywhere, though.
US and UK flags glitch British police seek authority to directly serve U.S. companies with warrants
Congress would have to approve of any deal to change how foreign governments get U.S. data.
hit in face with dildo Watch this New Zealand politician get nailed in the face with a giant dildo
On the upside—hey, free dildo!
Fitbit Every fitness tracker but Apple's is a privacy nightmare
Who will track the trackers?