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Top DOJ official says companies should be held more liable for what terrorists do on their sitesTop U.S. official wants tech companies to be liable for hosting terrorist content
Will Twitter have to work even harder to ban terrorists?
How Reddit shoved former CEO Ellen Pao off the glass cliff
The biggest threat to Ellen Pao wasn't just the culture of the site. It was the one in the board room.
Automatic weapon made from encrypted dataThe rise of the new Crypto War
The U.S. government wants to stop terrorists and criminals from 'going dark.' But at what cost?
internet website holding an ISIS flagTwitter, Facebook, Google may soon be forced to report terrorist activity
The intelligence community stands to gain a lot, but tech companies may not be thrilled.
AT&T, Verizon earn failing grades on latest EFF privacy scorecard
Many of the services you use every day failed badly.
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