People on Yahoo Answers have no idea how to masturbate

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Get ready to cringe.

You can’t help but feel a little sorry for the teens who have to turn to Yahoo Answers for all of the  questions they’re too embarrassed to ask their parents or friends. It’s a crowdsourced forum for the painfully awkward, where unfortunate inquiries are met with equally suspicious advice. 

A new YouTube video compiles all of the delightfully weird questions people have asked about masturbation on Yahoo Answers, and if it doesn’t make you cringe, you should check your pulse. 

The video follows the same format as YouTuber J.T. Sexkik’s last two hits—“How Is Prangent Formed” and “Curse of the Weggy Board”: He compiles every weird question and terrible misspelling posted about a given subject on Yahoo Answers and then reads them for minutes on end, as you slowly start to feel your faith in humanity diminish. 

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