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Essena O'Neill Teen model releases emotional video about why she's quitting social media
'Everything I did was for likes, for views, for followers,' she said.
Oscar's Hotel still PJ Liguori's 'Oscar's Hotel' set a sales record for Vimeo
The series’ success has convinced Vimeo to broker more deals with online video content creators.
Sluggish Webseries 'Sluggish' toasts the hidden benefits of wasting time
It turns out that your useless teenage son is actually on to something.
Trumpkin Comedian Josh Androsky is trolling Donald Trump this Halloween season
And he's trolling for good.
Vimeo Vimeo announces new original programming, including a short film from SNL's Aidy Bryant
Vimeo continues its search for the next 'High Maintenance'.
Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk's crowdsourced webseries 'Con Man,' reviewed
'Con Man' shows us fan culture through the eyes of a cult star.