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man of steel 'Man of Steel' screenwriter defends Superman's violent choice at the end of the film
Despite heaps of criticism for the move, David S. Goyer is not backing down.
supergirl 'Supergirl' takes flight with an inspirational and truly fun premiere
'Supergirl' is a perfect blend of badass superheroism and dorky romantic comedy -- just like classic 'Superman.'
batman v superman 1949 Here's what 'Batman v Superman' would have looked like in 1949
If nothing else, it's less depressing than whatever Zack Snyder is working on.
Filmmaker Tom Grey and composer Sonya Belousova Behind the music of Player Piano, YouTube's geek anthem remixer
Popular YouTube performer Sonya Belousova learned to play her first virtuoso release in just 3 days.
batman superman bad blood Batman and Superman go head-to-head in 'Bad Blood' parody
Bandaids don’t fix building holes.
batman kill supercut Despite his moral code, Batman totally kills people—and here's a supercut to prove it
His moral code doesn't fare so well in practice.