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‘Superman Legacy’ director reassures fans that the film ‘definitely revolves around Superman’ after casting Hawkgirl, Mister Terrific, Green Lantern

Some fans are worried about the Superman reboot being full of supporting heroes.


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Internet Culture

Posted on Jul 12, 2023

After casting a new Superman and Lois Lane for the upcoming reboot Superman Legacy, director James Gunn just announced some more surprising casting choices.

Apparently the film will also include Hawkgirl (Isabela Merced), Mister Terrific (Edi Gathegi), and Guy Gardner’s Green Lantern (Nathan Fillion).

It goes without saying that this news earned mixed reactions among DC fans. The fandom is notoriously divided, and in this case, people have strong opinions about whether Superman’s relaunch should feature an ensemble cast of other superheroes.

In particular, some Zack Snyder fans drew comparisons to how the Snyderverse movies were supposedly criticized for launching crossover events “too soon.” (By contrast, the MCU spent more time establishing individual characters before the first Avengers team-up.)


(A lot of these complaints also namecheck The Authority, a superhero team from the more adult-rated corner of DC Comics. But they haven’t actually been confirmed for Superman Legacy, with James Gunn downplaying the rumors.)

Responding on Threads, Gunn addressed some questions about Superman Legacy potentially introducing too many characters at once. “They fit the story I’m telling,” he wrote in response to a fan. “Story always comes first.”

He also confirmed that “The primary story most definitely revolves around Superman and Lois.” This should really be a no-brainer. But considering the amount of fan enthusiasm for a straightforward Superman reboot, it was best to nip those concerns in the bud.

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*First Published: Jul 12, 2023, 1:09 pm CDT