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Polt EnVyUs sign Polt
The StarCraft 2 player has a new home.
New Oceanic esports organization Nuovo Gaming has picked up StarCraft 2 player iaguz Oceania's new esports org Nuovo Gaming picks up SC2 player iaguz
Nuovo is getting into the Blizzard titles early, also picking up Hearthstone player TomFLR.
Life Two Korean StarCraft pros, Life and Bbyong, charged for match fixing
It's a sad end to one of the game's biggest talents.
MarinelorD Two European StarCraft pros investigated for win trading
The game is still dogged with accusations.
Acer Top European StarCraft side Team Acer disband
They had some of the top talent in the game.
Crowd inside IEM Katowice 2015 IEM Katowice sells out early entrance passes in seconds
The IEM event is one of the premiere esports events of the year.