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Liquid Elky Poker star and StarCraft legend ElkY signs with Team Liquid for Hearthstone
An esports pioneer is returning to competition.
Protoss warpin during LotV Cinematic trailer The first Legacy of the Void major will happen at DreamHack Winter
A $50,000 tournament will usher in the next StarCraft 2 expansion just weeks after its launch.
art from the starcraft 2 visual novel Ever wondered what the pro gaming life is really like? This visual novel will show you
If the world of StarCraft amateurs and washed-out pros came together, this would be their magnum opus.
Playing Wii Can certain commercial video games measure IQ?
A new study wants you to pick up the Wii again.
Legacy of The Void campaign details leaked
Blizzard looks like it's really listened to fans' concerns.
There's now a 'jail' for StarCraft players that don't show up to matches
"The Organizer's Alliance Against Absent Athletes" hereby institutes "Foreigner Jail"