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bowe bergdahl Serial season 2 is here, and it's about U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl
The new season covers the famous case of a U.S. soldier captured by the Taliban, rescued, and charged with desertion.
Marina and Nicco Genre-bending podcast MURDER! will tide starving 'Serial' fans over
It's a funny murder mystery with a solid ending.
Earbuds in pocket NPR wants to make it easier for you to find great podcasts
The podcasts are reviewed and curated to draw in new listeners.
lena dunham women of the hour podcast Ladies who podcast: Meet the new crop of podcasting hosts
Get your headphones ready.
slender man 'The Black Tapes' is a 'Serial'-style podcast that will scare your socks off
If you like being terrified, this horror documentary series is definitely the podcast for you.