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Marjorie Taylor Greene brings an AR-15 to the Capitol in latest podcast promotion

It’s definitely evocative.


Claire Goforth


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is a simple woman who likes simple things: conspiracy theories, seeing herself on camera, and Crossfit—not necessarily in that order.

In April, Greene launched a podcast that couples her passions for conspiracies and self-promotion. A photo it recently posted is turning heads because it seeems to invokes the Capitol riot, a big day for QAnon followers everywhere.

The image shows Greene pulling up to the Capitol carrying an AR-15 equipped with a drum magazine.

The scene behind her has a dystopian vibe, as if it was taken near the end of a catastrophic battle at the Capitol.

In another allusion to violence, Greene’s podcast is called “MTG Battleground” (not to be confused with Magic: The Gathering – Battlegrounds). Its logo also includes a sword.

The imagery Greene chose for her podcast is probably intended to be symbolic.

But conservatives like Greene often use guns to market themselves. Holding weapons that are the leading cause of death for children is apparently preferable to promoting their support for trickle-down economics, mass incarceration, and gutting social safety nets.

On the other hand, as the liberal Twitter account Patriot Takes pointed out, Greene once said that she would’ve “won” the Capitol riot by showing up armed. She’s also advocated executing Democratic lawmakers and has a history of harassing both them and school shooting survivors.

The photo of Greene arriving at the Capitol cosplaying as a character in an action movie inspired both mockery and disgust.

“Do they realize how ridiculous this looks? If the 80s could peek into 2023 the Republicans would be flabbergasted at their future,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another opined, “The horse of babble on is fueled by Q and Ivermectin.”

Several people suggested that Greene should or will be investigated for her role in the Capitol riot. Last year she testified about the riot, but there’s no evidence that she is under investigation over it.

During her testimony, Greene denied being part of a conspiracy to overturn the election with violence.

“I don’t support violence of any kind,” she said. “My words never ever mean anything for violence.”

A picture, however, speaks a thousand words.

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