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League Of Legends

Gabe Newell intro at TI5The International prize purse hits $18 million just hours before main event
The highest prized esports event in history is underway.
Gangplank disabled in-game, but still available in competitive play
Is this really helping "competitive integrity"
H0r0 to play playoffs with Unicorns of LoveH0r0 arrives in Berlin, intends to play playoffs with UoL
His visa issues appear to finally be over.
league of legends championsAn Ohio student group is planning one of the biggest-ever collegiate esports tournaments
When you think about places esports are happening, the Midwest is far down on the list.
Fans supporting FnaticFnatic makes esports history with undefeated season
A team has won every game of an LCS season for the first time.
Mithy smiling with thumbs upOrigen secure playoff bye with win over H2k
Origen may be on their way to Worlds after securing a bye in the LCS playoffs.
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