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Hundreds of artists contribute to Kickstarter-smashing fantasy anthology '1001 Knights'
The gorgeous three-volume anthology has already inspired Kickstarter backers to the tune of over $100,000.
fontus bottle This water bottle turns air into drinkable water via condensation
Making water out of nothing.
paint We talked to the man who forced the U.K. film board to watch 10 hours of paint drying
To protest film censorship, a British filmmaker made the censors watch paint dry for ten hours.
This floating bonsai tree has blasted past its funding goal on Kickstarter
People are serious about their floating plants.
Dad poems kickstarter Meet the comedians who specialize in dad jokes and want to mail you a coffee table for their book
You might think no one truly loves dad jokes. You'd be wrong.
wall mounted video games New Kickstarter flips your old gaming cartridges into stunning art
The campaign wants to create mounts so you can easily display your classic titles.