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2azaUwK.png (PNG Image, 640 × 426 pixels) Kony 2013 is an Indiegogo campaign
For just $25,000, you can join the expedition!
undefined UNICEF says it needs your money, not Facebook likes
A year after the Internet failed to capture Joseph Kony, UNICEF has a message: Give us money, not likes.
konypart2 "Kony 2012" sequel hits YouTube
The new documentary addresses some of the criticism lobbied at the nonprofit Invisible Children and builds anticipation for Cover the Night on April 20. 
kony2012 critique "Kony 2012": the one-minute version
If you thought "Kony 2012" was too long to watch, you'll love this summary and critique.
Amama Mbabazi Ugandan PM takes to Twitter to spread message about Joseph Kony
Kony is on everyone's minds, thanks to an unforgettable viral video. But he isn't in Uganda, the country's leader reminds us.
kony again Study: "Stop Kony" campaign is slowing down
Sentiment on Twitter is no longer as positive as when the documentary first bombarded the Internet.