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jimmy kimmel

black panther New 'Captain America' clip shows Black Panther fighting Bucky Barnes
Who do you root for when two characters you love fight each other?
jkl eggplant Emoji variations may confuse people, but everyone recognizes sexting emoji
When it comes to emoji interpretations, Jimmy Kimmel is on the case.
avengers presidents Jimmy Kimmel investigated whether people knew more Avengers or U.S. presidents
Kimmel is as guilty as anyone else of saturating the media with the Avengers.
trump iron man Jimmy Kimmel gives us a 2016-themed 'Captain America' trailer, and it's beautiful
The battle lines are drawn in this fight, too.
ted cruz kimmel Ted Cruz wouldn't rule out running over Donald Trump with his car
'Donald is a unique individual.'
A Screengrab from "Planet Snoop" Snoop Dogg narrates animal fight in new 'Planet Snoop' orignal series
'This squirrel is hard—what gang he from?'