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‘Bad writing’: John Mulaney and Nick Kroll botch ‘Succession’ question on celebrity ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’

Social media flips out as the comedy duo stumbles at their $125,000 question.


Mike Hadge

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Hey, did you watch last night’s season premiere of this batch of Celebrity Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? As it has been since 2020, the show was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and features celebrities answering hot questions without even hotter wings for charity.

This season seems particularly focused on celebrity duos and last night’s premiere featured Oh Hello and Big Mouth partners in chuckles John Mulaney and Nick Kroll. As you can probably assume, there were shenanigans that ensued. 

Succession question ends comedy duo’s winning streak

First off, the duo spent nearly 10 minutes trying to answer a question about Easter Island early on, utilizing every available lifeline before eventually getting it right.

However, then came the $125,000 question, which went as follows: 

“The stand-out item at a 2024 auction of memorabilia from TV’s Succession was an extra large Burberry tote bag famously described on the show as what?”

The options were:

A: Hideously expansive
B: Farcically behemoth
C: Ludicrously capacious
D: Grotesquely sprawling

As any Roy-head knows well, the answer is C. Ludicrously capacious.

The phrase has been a staple of Successionrelated internet communication since it was originally uttered in the season 4 premiere episode, “The Munsters” by Tom Wambsgans to undeniable soulmate Cousin Greg.

However, as all of Twitter (X) screamed at their television sets, Mulaney and Kroll guessed A. A! 

While the two still raised a sizable amount for their respective charities (The Innocence Project for Mulaney and Comedy vs. Cancer for Kroll), one can’t help but feel the full million should’ve been more within reach.

Social media reacts to the mistake

They should have just phoned their friend, all of social media.  

Yeah, no excuse for this one. The main lesson here is that these two very successful comedy celebrities should spend more time on the internet. (Like me!)

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