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irobot.jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 446 pixels) This semi-conscious robot has Tumblr puzzled and totally obsessed
There's likely more to this charming robot than meets the eye.
twitter-reddit2.jpg (1440×720) Battlebots: How Reddit and Twitter's fake accounts stack up
More and more, the bot-makers ought to turn their attention to what can be done with the clockwork of Twitter itself. 
undefined 'Lord of the Rings' makes @Horse_ebooks fun again
The best mystery on the Internet might have been ruined, but it's nothing a little dose of Hobbit can't solve.
undefined The failed YouTube channels of the @Horse_ebooks team
The mystery deepens.
undefined @Horse_ebooks is dead, and so is everything fun about Internet mysteries
Two performance artists killed two Internet phenomenons with one alternative reality game. 
All sizes | "As you might know, I am full time Internet." @jorilallo as @horse_ebooks. So good. :) | Flickr - Photo Sharing! High school senior quotes @Horse_ebooks in yearbook
This student gets our vote for "most likely to succeed."