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All sizes | Man Trip | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Facebook charts NFL fan freakouts
Facebook’s data science team looks at the highs and lows of NFL fandom. Can it predict the outcome of Sunday's game? 
Screen_Shot_2014-01-24_at_12.11.29_PM.png (1413×798) A St. Bernard named Jub Jub is the undisputed champ of hide-and-seek
You can run, but ... actually, you can't run.
Sherman-SEA.jpg (1024×706) Want to know exactly how much trash Sherman talked during the Seahawks-49ers game?
Words have consequences, as evidenced by this clip.
VOdKTnd.png (636×468) Shortest church service ever: 'Go Niners! Amen'
We're sure God will understand. 
l2qBQJx.png (852×468) This receiver did the 'Key & Peele' touchdown dance in an actual game
If excessive celebration like this is wrong, we don't want to be right.