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Neon Brain Twitter gets real about mental health with #WhenIThinkOfMentalIllness
Social media gets real about illnesses that affect millions.
Drawing of a woman looking upset Should the Internet know how sad I am?
It's exhausting to pretend that everything is going fine.
flower with the facebook logo on one of its petals Quitting Facebook won't make you any happier
Studies on social media aren't as conclusive as you might think.
abstract art of lgbt triangle Trans teen dies after posting suicide note to Tumblr
Skylar Lee's death reminds us that too many LGBT teens are suffering.
Evan Rachel Wood Evan Rachel Wood shares her struggles as a bisexual
The True Blood actress shared her own journey tweeting about #BiWeek.
Ashley Madison Ashley Madison hack lead to suicide for one pastor, but his wife sees things differently
"It wasn't so bad that we wouldn't have forgiven it," said Christi Gibson of her husband's Ashley Madison use.